A women's Basketball Player at Virginia State University in the Isle of Wight County, VA., along with her female friend, was taken into custody and charged with speeding with an additional charge of having a firearm, Blue Lives Matter reported on Saturday, Feb. 17.

The arrest occurred on February 12 after police pulled Shonnice Vaughn, 25, over for speeding during which radar showed that Vaughn was doing 68 miles per hour in a designated 55 miles per hour zone. What began as a routine traffic stop turned into a confrontation when Vaughn and her female friend, Natasha Bowman, also age 25, became irate and uncooperative while claiming racism.

The confrontation

When the officer asked for Vaughn’s driver’s license, she refused and told the officer, “I’m one of the biggest basketball f****ng point guards in Division I basketball right now!” Vaughn screamed at the police officers during the interaction, which lasted an hour and was filmed by the police officer’s body-cam. Vaughn kept denying that she was speeding, refusing to hand over her drivers’ license. During the traffic stop, the officer saw a firearm holster and asked where the firearm was. Bowman replied and stated that they had no firearm to which the officer responded as to why there was a holster if they had no gun.

At one point, while Vaughn felt that calling her basketball coach would help her situation, Bowman kept telling the officer that it was she that was driving and that she didn’t give a f**k and called the officer a pig and said that she does not like racist cops.

The arrest and Virginia State University statement

Law enforcement officials stated that Vaughn was arrested for not being cooperative and refusing to provide the officer the information that he requested and she could have been released with a summons but her and her friend’s uncooperative stance led to the situation that they are in now.

As the officer was reading Bowman her Miranda rights, she kept calling him a pig. After both women was handcuffed and put in the patrol car, the officers returned to Vaughn’s vehicle where they located a loaded Smith & Wesson .40 caliber firearm laying on the car’s floor in the back seat area where Bowman had been sitting. Police investigators found that the firearm was reported to have been stolen out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Vaughn’s hometown, although Vaughn stated that it was she who reported it stolen and had gone back to Wisconsin to retrieve it.

Vaughn was ultimately charged with speeding and possessing no driver’s license and her friend was charged with disorderly conduct, but both were facing a pending charge of concealing a firearm.

After the arrests and at the jail cell, both women continued to state that the officers are racists and that the police officers made up the criminal offenses and that those officers on the scene had stolen $1200 out of their car. Virginia State University stated that Vaughn is now no longer a part of their women’s basketball team.