President Donald Trump has added an extra level of intrigue in Washington this week as he is planning to release the infamous Memo that allegedly details the FBI's bias against him in the Russia collusion investigation. Trump's own Department of Justice is advising against releasing the memo, but Trump appears focused to give the public the truth it is asking for.

Another big surprise to the upcoming release is that there is not expected to be anything redacted from the memo. This surely worries politicians on both sides of the aisle as it is very unusual to not redact sensitive information when declassifying documents.

Why is the FBI against releasing the memo?

The FBI is firmly against releasing the memo, and for obvious reasons. The first and foremost is the possibility that the rumors are true. If the FBI was actively trying to sabotage the president of the United States through its investigation, it is a black eye that the agency may never recover from.

There would likely even be calls to disband the agency entirely if it is found that they are compromised.

Another worry of the FBI is the precedent that this will set.

The agency was designed to put the country first and to be near infallible when it comes to upholding the rule of law. Their view is if the president is able to interfere with investigations, then this will become the norm and it will happen more and more as he or she sees fit. The worry here is not just with Trump, but future presidents as well.

There are also questions of legitimacy and accuracy with the memo that the president is about to release. Democrats claim that the memo has been edited and the new version was not authorized to be released. If that is to be true, then releasing the memo could be a dangerous move politically.

At this point, there has been so much back and forth regarding the memo and its contents that nobody knows who to believe.

Somebody is lying

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro put the whole situation into simple terms for those confused at this point. Either someone is lying, or everyone is lying. Because of this mess, the truth must be told.

If that is damaging to the president, so be it. If that exonerates the president, so be it as well.

Either way, the amount of lies and hyperbole that has come from both Republicans and Democrats since Trump's inauguration is astounding.

Politicians with no motives other than their personal or party gain have made a mockery of politics in this country. The truth is so distorted that it is only when the public sees hacked emails or secretly recorded video do we get a glimpse into the rare sight of truth in Washington.

If releasing a memo helps to restore even a little bit of that trust, it will be worth it.