President Donald Trump was contentious with White House pool reporters today as he ended the session by motioning to one reporter to "get out" by pointing to the door. CNN's Jake Acosta was attempting to ask follow up questions to Trump regarding his alleged comments about which countries he does and does not want immigrants coming from.

When Acosta started pressing the question of whether the president only preferred white people, Trump signaled to the door and simply said "out." Aides then corralled the reporters in the Roosevelt room and did not allow any further questioning.

Per Acosta, aides continued to yell over him to drown him out as he continued to try and get his question out.

S***hole countries

Much of the tension comes from alleged remarks Trump made during a closed meeting with Congressmen and women regarding immigration. Trump is accused of saying that he does not want immigrants from "s***hole countries." Many speculate that he was referring to El Salvador, Haiti and certain African nations. It is unclear if he singled out any specific country, but he has had issues with immigration from those countries since taking over as president just over a year ago.

In his defense, Trump said he was tough during the meeting but he did not refer to any nation as a "s***hole." He doubled down in an interview over the weekend, proclaiming that he is the least racist person in the world.

New day, same drama

The latest drama to hit Washington comes on the heels of the tell-all by adult film star Stormy Daniels detailing her year-long affair with the Commander-in-chief back in 2006.

She claims that the two met during a celebrity golf outing and then continued to see each other for the next year. This allegedly occurred only a year or so after Trump married his current wife Melania.

It is becoming impossible to keep up with the scandal of the day in Washington. Just as the public wraps its head around one issue, another one pops up.

The 24 hour news cycle has been reduced to 12 hours at best. What is trending in the morning tends to be old news by night time. This type of constant information, combined with public apathy, is leading the country into a place where the government can literally do as they please.

If the government makes an unpopular decision or policy, they simply need to just wait it out until the public loses interest and finds something new to be outraged about. Trump may be well aware of this, as he is becoming more brazen as his presidency enters year number two.