In a bombshell report released by the New York Times on Thursday night, Donald Trump ordered the firing of Russian investigation Special Counsel Robert Mueller last summer, but faced massive backlash from members of his administration. Once the news broke, it didn't take long before critics lashed out.

Trump on Mueller

Once Donald Trump pulled off the upset win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in November 2016, speculation grew as to why so many experts were wrong in their predictions. Within a few weeks, several well-respect news outlets and government agencies found that Russia hacked into the Democratic National Committee with the goal of helping to elect Trump to office.

As expected, Trump has since denied any wrongdoing.

Following Donald Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey, who was leading the investigation into Russian election interference, former FBI Director Robert Mueller was brought on board as special counsel. Since then, Mueller has indicted various associates of the president, including former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. With pressure mounting, Trump announced on Wednesday night that he would be open to meeting with Mueller at some point in the near future.

Fast forward to present day and the New York Times reported on January 25 that Trump attempted to fire Mueller last June. Trump's decision was met with international opposition and he only backed off his plan after White House counsel Don McGahn warned that he would resign if the president followed through.

Instant reaction

Once the New York Times report broke, Twitter quickly went viral.

"It must be frustrating for a guy that thinks he can get away from anything. When in fact he is learning; a guy in his position w/ all that power. Has found himself with his hands tied behind his back," one tweet read.

"Take it all together: Trump admits he fired FBI Director over Russia.

Trump reportedly ordered firing of Special Counsel Mueller, backing off to avoid a Sat Night Massacre. Trump reportedly ordered firing of Deputy FBI Director, backing off to avoid a Sat Night Massacre,' MSNBC's Ari Melber tweeted. "Trump’s attempted to obstruct justice so many times Mueller’s going to have to be careful picking and choosing which ones should serve as the foundation for his case," Jared Yates of the New York Times posted.

"Trump asked Comey for loyalty; asked him to drop the Flynn probe; fired Comey; pressured Sessions not to recuse; pressured Sessions to fire McCabe; pressured Coats, Rogers, Pompeo &multiple congressmen to say he wasn’t under FBI investigation; and tried to fire Mueller," Natasha Bertrand of The atlantic tweeted out. "President Trump trying to fire Robert Mueller in June makes him look sooooo innocent," another sarcastic tweet read.