In a leaked memo first obtained by Politico, Donald Trump is planning to sign an executive order that will keep the Military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba open for business. As expected, Trump faced backlash.

Trump and Gitmo

For the better part of the last year, Donald Trump has been accused of not passing through much new legislation. The former host of "The Apprentice," due to constant in-fighting with his own Republican Party as well as Democrats, has done his best to roll-back much of what was put in place during the eight years of the Barack Obama administration.

One action taken by Obama during his time in the White House was to close the Guantanamo Bay prison, in a debate that often became heated between the political left and right.

Barack Obama attempted to fully close the Gitmo during his last term, but was unable to transfer the remaining 41 detainees after being successful removing over 200. The document in question is reportedly scheduled to be sent to several United States embassies around the world, and while the current detainees are expected to remain, the document notes that the State Department is "not aware of any plans to bring additional detainees to Guantanamo Bay." During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump expressed his support for the prison, saying he wouldn't mind "loading it up with bad dudes."

Instant reaction

In response to the news of Gitmo, critics of Donald Trump decided to lash out.

"He’s gonna do a remodel before he becomes an inhabitant," one tweet read.

"Well, of course.

Tricky Trump is a hateful, vengeful, and jealous man. Did I mention he has small hands?" another Twitter user wrote. "Soon-his 'Winter White House,'" a follow-up tweet said of Guantanamo Bay. "Half of his admin could end up there :-) maybe he can install gold toilets... in preparation," yet another tweet read.

"This is a great idea!!

You already look great in orange, but by keeping Gitmo open you’ll guarantee a perfect place for you and Jared to retire; post the Russia investigation by Mueller. Shall we schedule a VIP tour for you and your @WhiteHouse staff?" a Twitter user stated. "Good we can put him and his corrupt family there!" an additional tweet noted. The backlash continued as the opposition to Donald Trump and his entire family and administration is showing no signs of slowing down at any point in the near future, with the president's approval rating dropping to new lows.