As the Russian investigation heats up, Donald Trump is doing everything in his power to deny the allegations against him. In his latest social media post, the president is putting his focus back on the infamous "dossier."

Trump and Russia

It's plagued him since his campaign for president but Donald Trump can't seem to shake the allegations that he's been in cahoots with Russia. After Trump's upset win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in November 2016, several well-respected news outlets and government agencies came forward to confirm that Russia hacked into the Democratic National Committee, and did so with the end game of getting the former host of "The Apprentice" into office.

Since that time, an investigation has been set up to dig deeper into the role Russia played in the election as well as whether or not they acted in collusion with the Trump campaign. In the mix of it all came the release of what has been known as the "pee tape" dossier, whose details were revealed in part by CNN and later Buzzfeed. The information was put together by a research firm called Fusion GPS that was originally funded by the Washington Free Beacon, and than later by the Hillary Clinton campaign. As the tension mounts, Trump addressed the dossier once again during a series of January 11 tweets.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday morning, Donald Trump ripped into the "dossier," which among other things, revealed the president's alleged misconduct with Russia, including his sexual activities with prostitutes.

"Disproven and paid for by Democrats 'Dossier used to spy on Trump Campaign. Did FBI use Intel tool to influence the Election?' @foxandfriends," Trump tweeted out.

"Did Dems or Clinton also pay Russians?" Donald Trump asked.

"Where are hidden and smashed DNC servers? Where are Crooked Hillary Emails?" the president continued to wonder, before adding, "What a mess!"

Double down

In follow-up tweets, Donald Trump continued his thoughts about the dossier, including the upcoming vote on the FISA Act in the Congress that he believes led the release of the documents.

"With that being said, I have personally directed the fix to the unmasking process since taking office and today’s vote is about foreign surveillance of foreign bad guys on foreign land," Trump wrote, while stating, "We need it! Get smart!"

Next up

While many of the contents in the so-called "pee tape" dossier have not been confirmed, they also haven't been discredited either, despite the defensive rhetoric coming from the White House. As Russian investigation special counsel Robert Mueller moves forward, only time will tell how it all plays out.