On Wednesday night, Kellyanne Conway got into a heated exchange with CNN host Chris Cuomo over the ongoing Russian investigation and the White House's constant need to deflect back to Hillary Clinton. After an interview on Fox News the following morning where she once again doubled down on criticism of Clinton, Conway decided to gloat about the ratings.

Conway on Fox News

It's no secret that Donald Trump is no fan of Hillary Clinton. Throughout the entire 2016 presidential campaign, Trump took shot after shot at his general election opponent and hasn't let up since being sworn into office last January.

Over the last year, the former host of "The Apprentice" has brought up Clinton on a routine basis, bragging about his electoral college defeat and most recently accusing the former Secretary of State of Russian collusion. Like Trump, many members of his administration have also been vocal in their opposition to Clinton, including Kellyanne Conway who got into a near shouting match over the issue during a recent CNN interview. Conway then decided to continue her criticism during a Fox News interview on January 11.

Joining the hosts of "Fox & Friends" on Thursday morning, Kellyanne Conway defended her recent remarks about Clinton, calling her an "ungracious loser." Conway then criticized the media for claiming the White House is "obsessed with Hillary Clinton," before explaining, "We only have to talk about her because people won’t let go of an election she lost miserably."

Kellyanne Conway was so proud of her interview on Fox News that she decided to promote it on her Twitter page while gloating about the high ratings of "Fox & Friends." "My full interview this morning on @foxandfriends, by far the highest-rated cable news morning show," Conway tweeted, while using the hashtag "#facts."

Instant reaction

Following Kellyanne Conway's tweet, critics of the administration were quick to fire back.

"Your boss gives them free advertising every day and now here you go. I'm reporting you to the ethics czar," Alexandra Halaby wrote.

"Should we send you all the tweets in which he says 'Hillary Clinton'?

How about a montage of him saying her name?" a follow-up tweet asked. "Trying to put your disastrous CNN interview behind you?" one Twitter user asked while attaching a screenshot of Conway's interview with Chris Cuomo.

"I still don’t understand.

Can you do like 10-12 more tweets about Hillary Clinton that explain how you never think about Hillary Clinton?" an additional post wondered with sarcasm. "As far as you're concerned, it has an audience of one. You're just giving @realDonaldTrump a reach-around," another tweet stated.