Dana Scatton, an 18-year-old, college student, in Pennsylvania, was seven-and-a-half months pregnant when she got the diagnosis that would paralyze anyone else. Dana was informed she had a deadly and rare brain cancer.

When Dana was seven months pregnant, she noticed some strange symptoms

At first, they assumed it was something to do with the pregnancy. But the symptoms got worse and soon she was slurring her words and forgetting to swallow. She went to the ER near her home, in Pennsylvania, and received a CT scan, followed by an MRI.

It was discovered that she had an incurable brain cancer

Dana said in an interview with People Magazine that, "In that moment I gave it to God. There was nothing else I could have done."

At first, Dana didn't begin treatment for her cancer. Fearing that the radiation might hurt her unborn daughter. They planned to deliver the baby early and begin treatment with radiation immediately after that. But her symptoms progressed rapidly, and she was forced to begin treatment close to Christmas without delivering the baby.

But Dana didn't lose faith, giving it to God to protect her baby girl. However, in early January, after a few rounds of radiation, the debilitating symptoms were becoming increasingly worse, and she was forced to make the decision to deliver the baby early, by C-section.

Aries Marie, Dana’s daughter was born January 4. She is a healthy baby girl, thankfully, despite the cancer. As Danan said, God protected her and Aries got the time she needed.

As her brother’s boss says, ‘one miracle down and one to go’

Dana is supposed to finish radiation on February 1, but the cancer is considered incurable.

Dana and her family are trusting in faith, and supporting each other. Her brother reportedly informed his boss of the birth of his niece, who said, "one miracle down and one to go."

No truer words have been spoken. Aries Marie is being hailed as a miracle baby. Whatever the family faces in the future, this little girl has a strong mother, and a wonderful support system, of relations and community.

Dana says she sees herself in her daughter’s future

She is optimistic despite the survival rate for intrinsic pontine glioma tumor, a rare form of brain cancer, the type of cancer Dana suffers from, being low. Her life expectancy, according to statistics, is nine months with treatment.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by the family. As well as a Facebook page called Pray for Dana that was set up by her brother. She and her family are currently considering a treatment plan to help Dana.