As the 45th "March for life" anti-abortion rally gets underway in Washington, D.C., Donald Trump delivered remarks via a video statement. In response, Kellyanne Conway was quick to praise the president for taking an anti-choice stance when it comes to abortion.

Conway on abortion

Following the Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade in 1973, anti-abortion activists came together to create the "March for Life" rally in opposition to both abortion and the country's decision to make the practice legal. Since then, the issue has dominated American politics and has become one of the hottest social topics to be debated in Washington and across the country.

For Donald Trump, he's had a wide variety of positions on the issue, once describing himself as pro-choice, but later explaining that after seeing what happened to a close friend, he switched his stance to pro-life, or anti-choice. Trump did find himself in controversy in 2016 during an interview with MSNBC's Chris Matthews where he said a women should face "some form of punishment" if she attempted to have an abortion if the practice was ever made illegal. Fast forward to present day and the president spoke to those attending the "March for Life" rally which Kellyanne Conway was proud to speak about during the January 19 edition of "Fox & and Friends" on Fox News.

Joining the hosts on "Fox & Friends," Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway made a bold proclamation about the issue of abortion.

"Donald Trump is the most pro-life president in our nation's history," Conway said.

(Conway's comments come at 5:30 in the above video.)

"This is just a big day for us," Kellyanne Conway said of Donald Trump speaking to the "March for Life" rally.

Conway listed several examples to attempt to back up her argument, including ending taxpayers funding for abortions in Mexico, nominating anti-abortion Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, and the recent creation of a new division in the Department of Health and Human Services that priorities workers' religious beliefs when they feel their faith is being violated when it come to handling issues like abortion.

Twitter reacts

In response to Kellyanne Conway's remarks, critics on Twitter fired back. "The President who was spanked with a copy of Forbes by the porn star with whom he had adulterous, unprotected sex 4 months after his 3rd wife gave birth now wants us all to believe he's got Christian values," one tweet read.

"You should tell him to carry condoms," a tweet added.

"Except when he donated money to planned parenthood, which he admitted in an on-air interview," a Twitter user pointed out. "Donald Trump is the most pro-adultery President in our nations history. Also most treasonous and corrupt," an additional tweet stated.

"He's certainly against using condoms when cheating on his wife!" a social media user wrote in reference to the alleged affair between Donald Trump and adult film star Stormy Daniels. "Taking away life supporting healthcare is NOT pro-life," a tweet noted in regards to the president's recent cuts in health care.