Arizona Senator John McCain is visibly suffering from the side effects of his Brain Cancer treatment. After being diagnosed with a terminal Glioblastoma in July 2017, McCain has undergone extensive radiation and chemotherapy over the past five months. Recently though, it has become obvious to both the public and his fellow Senators that his condition is worsening. It's clear that side effects of his therapy are taking their toll on his health.

McCain skips GOP meetings for Treatment in Maryland

He checked into Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, this week for treatment to counteract the side effects of his cancer therapies.

It has been reported that while McCain remains mentally stable, his energy levels and general enthusiasm appear at an all-time low. It is well known that radiation and chemotherapy cause fatigue but after many months of treatment, Senators close to McCain are reportedly worried by his lack of participation in GOP meetings.

As a close friend of McCain, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham recently spoke to McCain's wife Cindy regarding his health and later claimed that he "is receiving treatment for the side effects" and "expects him to return and participate for many years to come". Graham hopes that McCain will return for a tax vote next week, if not sooner.

McCain had always been referred to as a "maverick" in the Senate as shortly after his cancer diagnosis, he still reported to Congress to give his vote on the repealing of one of Obama's most important acts as president which granted millions of Americans healthcare: through the Affordable Care Act.

McCain strolled into Congress and gave the thumbs-down vote after the country was unsure if he'd even show up.

Another sign of McCain's potentially worsening condition is his recent achilles tear possibly caused by the weakness and fatigue that resulted from his cancer treatment. His health is sliding both physically and mentally as the world prays for the Senator.

Open rejection of Donald Trump

John McCain has always been an open opposer of Donald Trump since he is unsure whether Trump is fit to be the figurehead of the United States as well as flat-out rejects his views on the United States' role in world politics. McCain offers the perspective that: "it is our duty to remain the last best hope of earth" and not to "find scapegoats rather than solving problems as that is unpatriotic". He also urges Trump to discontinue his claims about Republicans involved in sexual assault being "fake news."