Amazon is once again redefining how we shop. Creating A new App that works with a physical store and lets you ditch the checkout lines. This app is called Amazon Go.

The new Amazon Go store in Washington is different than your average Grocery Store. Amazon is calling it "the worlds most advanced technology for shopping."

It only takes an app to check out or more like to get in

That is right, no more checkout lines. But according to the New York Times, When you first come in you must pass through a gate, that scans your card. This is similar to a subway station gate.

The store, located in Washington, does not require you to stop and pay but instead scans your Amazon Go app. You can pick up your groceries and Amazon GO—according to the site— uses technological advances, much like driverless cars, to track the items you purchase in a virtual cart. The app charges you as you leave. Shortly after you go out the door it sends you a receipt.

It’s check out-free, but not employee free

No worries the robots have not replaced us yet. Amazon GO does have employees, and you won't be met at the door by a robot, aside from the one scanning your GO app.The store will have regular employees stocking shelves and making fresh bakery and deli items.

What they offer

According to the Amazon GO’s site, found at, the store provides fresh foods, deli items, quick meal options from their kitchen and convenient amazon fresh meal kits, as well as the usual grocery store staples like eggs, bread and milk.

They also give a nod to the community with things like local chocolate and artisan cheeses.

How it works

You only need an Amazon account to get started. You can download the GO app free from Amazon. You scan the app at the door and according to Amazon, you don’t even need your phone once your apps been scanned it will keep track.

The store is all contained in 1,800 square feet of space. And it keeps regular business hours. I will say, however, this beats the inconvenient self-checkouts at the local Wal-Mart, but the downside is there is only one store so far, and it’s located in Seattle, Washington.

But not many other companies can beat out Amazon for innovations in shopping.

From Kindles to personal sellers. Now we are seeing a full market with Amazon signature tech advances. I can only guess what the future will hold.

This latest innovation may eventually be coming to a town near you. So, I guess we will have to wait a while, to see how this checkout free store does.