As Usa Gymnastics is faced with multiple allegations of sexual abuse against former team doctor Larry Nassar, the organization has decided to cut ties with the world famous Karolyi Ranch, where Olympic stars were born. The decision comes just a day after Simone Biles spoke out publicly saying that Nassar abused her and that she could not handle the thought of returning to the training facility in Texas.

Perry confirms termination of agreement

Former Olympic Gold Medalist McKayla Maroney said she was abused at the ranch by Nassar when she was 13-years-old.

USA Gymnastics President Kerry Perry confirmed they terminated the agreement with the training facility. The facility was scheduled to host the training camp for the U.S. Women's National Team but that camp has been canceled. The organization is now looking for alternate locations. Perry said she was planning to terminate the deal with the ranch since she started as president. Perry says that USA Gymnastics is dedicated to a culture that supports our gymnasts.

Legendary coaches Bela and Mara Karolyi established the famed training facility 30 years ago, after defecting from Romania.

USA Gymnastics was planning to buy the property but abandoned that decision. The Karolyis are named in one lawsuit, claiming they ignored the abuse by Nassar. Over 100 victims have spoken out about experiences of abuse at the hands of Nassar. USA Gymnastics is now facing dozens of lawsuits related to the abuse scandal.

The ranch was originally purchased by the Karolyi family for hunting.

Karolyi later began training gymnasts there and ran camps for participants. Bela was named the national coordinator in 2000 and was later replaced by his wife in 2001 and retired following the 2016 Summer Olympics. The facility was named as a U.S. Olympic Training Site in 2011.

Nassar pleads guilty

Nassar has pleaded guilty to seven criminal sexual conduct counts and is facing decades in prison.

This week dozens of victims have spoken in court. Nassar reached a plea deal, where he admitted he used his power as a medical professional to abuse his young victims while claiming to be providing medical aid. Lawyers for the Karolyis deny any wrongdoing. Nassar managed to use the ranch's isolation to conduct his abuse against the girls. Because of USA Gymnastics rules, parents were not allowed to accompany their children to the camp.

For now, it's unclear where the national teams will train in the coming days. It remains to be seen how aware the Karolyis were of Nassar's abuse of the female gymnasts.