President Oprah Winfrey? Ever since Donald Trump pulled off the ultimate upset in 2016 by defeating Hillary Clinton, it seems anyone and everyone are considering making a run at the oval office. So is Oprah really thinking about throwing her name into the ring of serious candidates? You just never know.

The Washington Post reports that a sudden wave of enthusiasm for Oprah Winfrey as a potential serious presidential candidate swept through the Democratic Party on Monday. The Oprah wave began after her rousing remarks at Sunday night’s Golden Globes ceremony and escalated nationally as party officials and activists earnestly considered the possibility.

Is this really a good thing for the Democratic Party? Seriously? Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter, a prominent Demo­crat in South Carolina believes so.

“Lord, we need passion and excitement,” Cobb-Hunter told the Washington Post. “I know it’s conjecture right now, but I’d ask her to give it serious consideration. If anybody could bring us together, it’s her.”

Sure, we are still over a year until the 2020 hype begins, however right here and right now have the Dems have no leading candidates other than Winfrey? Just like Trump before her, now may be the best time to throw a little cash on Winfrey!

Oprah shoots up odds poll overnight

While no one knows if Oprah really would run for President, sportsbooks are taking her words a lot more seriously than they did with now President Trump in 2015.

Winfrey has gone from a 200/1 laughable prop bet to the 8/1 favorite in literally 48 hours. Online sportsbook giant Paddy Power now has Winfrey set at 8/1 odds which put her ahead of Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren and right behind Donald Trump, who is still the favorite to win the 2020 campaign at 5/2.

Wouldn’t it be ironic to see Trump and Winfrey debating for the 2020 Presidential title?

Back in 1988, Winfrey interviewed Trump and the two were seemingly on the same page on what needed to be fixed here in the US. You can bet that would be a lot different if they were opponents 16 months from now.

Somewhere deep down all this Winfrey hype has to make Hillary Clinton a bit perplexed. Clinton lost to little known Barack Obama back in 2008, only to come back and fall in defeat once again to businessman Donald Trump eight years later.

Now it seems that Winfrey has more popularity to make a run to become the leader of the free world in less than 48 hours than Clinton could muster up in her entire political career.

Other top candidates

While Winfrey is causing a major buzz at the moment, could another celeb throw his or her hat into the ring as well? Paddy Power currently has several possibilities listed including Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg at 20/1, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at 25/1, Patriots QB Tom Brady at 100/1 and singer Beyonce at 200/1. Yes, when it comes to Presidential candidates, it seems no political experience is required. The one thing that is a sure bet is the political season of 2020 is going to be the most interesting in history.