As the country honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. nearly 50 years after his assassination, Donald Trump is spending the day golfing at one of his private resorts. While this was taking place, King's son had some words for the president.

Trump's MLK plans

It's been almost five decades since Martin Luther King Jr. was killed by gunshot in Memphis, Tennessee. King's death in 1968 was a stain on the country and created a hole in the Civil Rights Movement that was gaining traction under his leadership. Fast forward to present day and the presidency of Donald Trump has caused many to push back and accuse the commander in chief of abandoning King's legacy and vision, with terms like "racist" and "bigot" used on a routine basis.

Trump's latest racial controversy stems from a bipartisan meeting he took part in with members of Congress where he reportedly used the term "sh*thole" to describe several foreign countries, including Haiti and El Salvador. On Monday, Trump took to Twitter to send out a video message in honor of King, before quickly heading out to the golf course, as reported by Politico on January 15.

In yet another trip to one of his privately owned resorts, Donald Trump took in a few rounds of golf down in Florida on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Trump's golf game comes only days after signing a proclamation in honor of King's birthday where he asked Americans to celebrate the reverend's legacy "with acts of civic work and community service." Trump's schedule has been cleared for the rest of the day and is set to return back to the White House on Monday night.

King's son

Following a ceremony on Monday at the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial in Washington, D.C., Martin Luther King's oldest son, MLK 3rd, caught up with a reporter from TMZ who asked him what his father would have thought about Donald Trump and the recent comments about foreign countries being a "sh*thole."

"What I can not say is what exactly he would say.

Certainly he would disagree with him," MLK 3rd said. "It's unacceptable to disparage any group of people. Every culture has made a great contribution. That is part of what makes this country great," he continued.

"He has caused a real scenario to have dialogue that we probably haven't had in a long time," MLK 3rd went on to say in response to Trump's handing of race relations in the country. When asked if that meant the president has been good for race, MLK 3rd clarified. "I didn't say he's been good. He's raised issues and it needs to be discussed so we can bury racism," he concluded.