After Donald Trump gave his thoughts about the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, the president's wife and one of his sons decided to chime in. As expected, their remarks were met with tremendous backlash from many Americans.

Trump family on MLK

Ever since becoming an offical holiday in 1983, and first observed in 1986, Martin Luther King Jr. Day has been a way for the United States to remember the man known also as simply MLK. As one of the key leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, King was instrumental in helping pass legislation that opened the door for African-Americans and other minorities to become successful in the country.

Following his assassination in 1968, King's legacy has been remembered and is one that has gained traction as time has gone on. On Monday morning, Donald Trump sent out a video message in honor of King, though he received massive backlash from critics. In addition, both Melania Trump and Donald Trump Jr. gave their thoughts in a pair of tweets on January 15.

Taking to Twitter on Monday morning, First Lady Melania Trump tweeted out a few words. "Today we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

& his service to this great country," Melania wrote. "I am honored to be First Lady of a nation that continually strives for equality & justice for all," she concluded.

In another tweet, Donald Trump Jr.

also posted his thoughts. "Happy Martin Luther King Day everyone," Donald Jr. tweeted out, while attaching a picture of himself with MLK's niece. "This picture bring back fond memories of when I had the honor of campaigning with Alveda King, niece of the great and amazing Trump supporter," he wrote.

Twitter backlash

After both tweets were sent out, it didn't take too long before critics spoke out.

"You might want to talk to your husband about equality and justice for all," one tweet read in response to the first lady.

"Speaking of honor and service: How do you feel about your husband getting 'serviced' by a porn star right after Barron was born?" another Twitter user wondered. "As my husband blocks DACA and disparages people of color on a daily basis. Keep MLK name out of your tweets," an additional tweet replied to Melania Trump.

"They say your dad uses language on the 4th grade level. I’m guessing yours is on a 2nd grade level," a tweet read in pointing out the issue with Don Jr's post where implied that MLK Jr. was a supporter of his father. "Can you rewrite that sentence so it actually makes sense?" another tweet added.