For the last two and a half years since he burst onto the political scene, Donald Trump has made it clear that he's a big fan of himself. During a recent meeting with a group of firefighters and First Responders, the president decided to gloat about what he's done as president over the last year.

Trump on himself

When Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for president, he did so on the floor of his own Trump Tower in New York City, causing a media frenzy in the process. During his campaign, and since his inauguration earlier this year, Trump has made sure to stick with some of his favorite talking points.

Whether it's his stance on illegal immigration and building a wall, to repealing Obamacare and bashing the media, the former host of "The Apprentice" has made sure to highlight his alleged "accomplishments," regardless of the results that have taken place. As reported by The Hill on December 27, Trump recently met with a group of first responders but couldn't help but pat himself on the back.

According to The Hill on Wednesday night, Donald Trump took time away from his golf resort in Palm Beach, Florida to meet with first responders at West Palm Beach Fire and Rescue. After giving brief praise to those in attendance, Trump then shifted his attention to his own administration. "We took a big, big beautiful ship that we’re turning around, and a lot of good things are happening," Trump said.

"We have more legislation passed, including the record was Harry Truman a long time ago," Donald Trump said, despite his information not being accurate, while adding, "we broke that record, so we got a lot done." Trump then went on to highlight the recent success of the stock market, telling the first responders to invest their money and stating, "That makes you all look very smart." While continuing to speak to the firefighters and others, Trump informed them that his visit was being taped and that they could "go back and watch yourselves on television."

Instant reaction

After Donald Trump's speech to the firefighters and first responders was released, the president was quickly hit with backlash.

"That man is such a douchbag!!! OMG!" one tweet read.

"Because all that matters is popularity and seeing yourself on TV," another Twitter user stated.

"And wonder why everyone watching thinks this is NUTS. Do firemen have to use military weapons during a fire? No? Then why, Donnie, this?" an additional tweet noted.

"His approach to comforting people and congratulating them needs some work, methinks," yet another tweet added. "Stupid comment. That’s because it’s what he does to feed his needy ego," another social media user wrote.