Despite no longer being president, Barack Obama is still viewed in a positive light by many Americans. After gallup announced that Obama was the winner of their most admired man award, supporters of Donald Trump were not happy.

Obama over Trump

For eight years Barack Obama was commander in chief of the United States, becoming the first African-American do so in the country's history. Despite taking over the job just months after the financial collapse of the Great Recession, Obama was able to put enough policies in place to have the economy bounce back, while passing key legislation on issues dealing with health care, civil rights, and more.

Since Obama's departure from the White House last January, Donald Trump has taken over as president, but hasn't received the best feedback in return. Recent polls show Trump's approval rating down to less than 35 percent, making his favorability numbers the worst of any president after their first year in office. According to Gallup on December 27, Trump became the runner-up for "Most Admired Man in America," with Obama taking the top spot.

In a report released by Gallup on Wednesday, Barack Obama was voted the "Most Admired Man in America" for the 10th year in a row, with 17 percent of the vote total.

In second place was Donald Trump, bringing in 14 percent. The third and fourth spots went to religious leaders in Pope Francis and controversial Rev. Billy Graham. Other names on the list were Arizona Sen. John McCain, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Bill Gates.

In addition, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won "Most Admired Woman" for the 16th straight year, beating out former First Lady Michelle Obama in a tight vote, nine percent to seven percent.

Other women on the list included Oprah Winfrey, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Twitter celebrates

Following the release of the Gallup poll results, supporters of Donald Trump lost there cool on social media. "Who took the poll, Islamic refugees?" one tweet asked.

"Like Bonnie and Clyde, I guess people admire criminals who keep getting away with committing crime.

Hopefully justice finds all criminals regardless of their popularity," another Twitter user stated. "Must be the same poll that had Hillary winning by a landslide," a follow-up tweet pointed out.

"Unbelievable must’ve polled only liberals," a tweet read. "Oh Gallup, proving the National Enquirer more credible than you, again," yet another tweet stated. The negative reaction by right-wing Americans continued as the battle between the news media and the president moved forward.