Donald Trump has been the President of the United States for nearly a year and has routinely engaged in a heated war of words with the press. After Sarah Huckabee Sanders put a poll up on Twitter asking what story the media ignored the most over the last year, she didn't get the best response.

Sanders on Trump

When Donald Trump was elected last November after his shocking defeat of Hillary Clinton, his feud with the media kicked into high gear as he labeled any report he didn't agree with as "fake news." In the year since he's been in office, the former host of "The Apprentice" has been unable to get much of his plans through congress and onto his desk for a signature, which has been a hot topic with reporters.

While his tax plan is close to becoming law, the last 11 months have been marred by inaction and a constant stream of controversy. From the investigation into Russian election interference, to not following through on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and the building of a border wall, Trump has not made his campaign promises a reality. Despite this, Sarah Huckabee Sanders attempted to shine a light on the Trump administration by asking a question about the media's alleged lack of reporting on the White House, which was seen during a December 17 tweet.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders posed a question to her followers.

"Which is the more underreported story of @POTUS Year One?" Sanders asked, while giving two options to choose from, "Defeat of ISIS" or "Booming Trump economy." As expected, critics of the president didn't take too long to give their answers in response to Sanders' question.

Instant reaction

Sarah Huckabee Sanders' poll question didn't go over well as the replies to her tweet mostly came from those who oppose the commander in chief.

"C) Trump illegally trying to halt the Mueller investigation," one tweet read.

"The booming economy has more to do with Obama than it does with Trump...

COME ON, Sarah... you know how economic growth works... it's not instantaneous at inauguration day," one Twitter user wrote. "How he's spend more than half of his presidency golfing," another social media user answered.

"If the economy is so booming why do we need a tax cut?" a tweet asked. "Both equally are not real," another tweet stared. "Is there a third choice because the first choice didn’t happen and the second wasn’t because of him," a post pointed out. As the backlash continued to pour in, it became clear that many Americans are still not impressed with Donald Trump's first year in office.