As always this time of year, kids around the world are writing letters to Santa detailing what they want for Christmas. This is not unusual -- but a humble 9-year-old's letter has taken the internet by storm.

The letter

Teacher Ruth Espiricueta was teaching her students how Christmas is more than just presents when she asked them to write a letter to santa. The task was to ask for one need and two wants. At the end of the day, when Espiricueta was reading them over, she never expected one of her students, 7-year-old Crystal Pacheco, to need things as simple as food and blankets.

The teacher told ABC News that she was heartbroken because no one should ever go hungry, especially around the holidays. With the weather getting colder, she was stunned to see the child was asking for a blanket.

The next day, Espiricueta asked the little girl about The Letter to Santa. She said that instead of a doll for Christmas, she wants a ball so that she and her brother could enjoy the toy. And for food? She just asked for eggs.

Espiricueta says she didn't know that Crystal was going through hard times since she is always sporting a big smile at school. The act of unselfishness from such a young child was so inspiring, the teacher posted it on her Facebook page to share it with others.

When Espiricueta asked the little girl why she needs a blanket more than food, Crystal told her that she gets to eat at school even when she doesn't have any food at home. But, she only has one blanket, and it's "not warm enough."

Society gives back

Since posting the letter to social media, donations from around the world have come into her school.

The donations have come in forms of cheques, food, and of course-- blankets.

People from around the world are rallying to help the family get what they need for the holidays, including Michael Lohan, father of actress Lindsay Lohan.

Maria Cortez, Crystal’s mother, gets emotional when addressing her daughter’s touching words.

She says that she's very proud of her children since she raises them to "appreciate the little that [they] have."

According to the 2016 data from the U.S. Census Bureau, more than one in five children in Texas (22.4 percent) live in poverty. During the holidays, when some families are celebrating excessively, it's good to remember that not everybody can. Donate to your local charity this holiday season and make a family's wish come true -- it's the holiday spirit!