For the last year and a half, Alec Baldwin has played the role of Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live." In the show's final broadcast before the holiday break, Baldwin return to mock the president.

"SNL" on Trump

Ever since he kicked off his campaign for president back in the summer of 2015, Donald Trump has been a polarizing figure in American politics. While the initial consensus on Trump was that he would not have a realistic shot at success, he quickly proved many wrong and rocketed to the top of the polls in the Republican primary. Just a few months later and the former host of "The Apprentice" found himself as the GOP nominee and was matched up with his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Following the first debate between the two, "Saturday Night Live" hired veteran actor Alec Baldwin to take on the role of Trump, which quickly received rave reviews from critics. Despite this, Trump was not a fan and made it a routine bash Baldwin and "SNL" on Twitter all the way up until Election Day. Since Trump's surprising victory and inauguration earlier this year, Baldwin has been a mainstay on "SNL," which he continued during the December 16 episode just in time for Christmas.

Kicking of the cold-open for "Saturday Night Live," Alec Baldwin made his return to don the wig and make-up and play Donald Trump.

Standing next to a mock version of his wife Melania Trump, Baldwin gave a Christmas speech as the commander in chief. "I've had an amazing first year in office. Just in time for Christmas we are about to give Americans the biggest, fattest tax cut," Baldwin said. "It might actually make me a real billionaire," he added.

"Now I can settle down," Alec Baldwin said, before stating, "Until Don Lemon says something mean about me and I tweet out the actual 'N-word.'" "Soon white Santa will be coming from house to house," the satirical Trump said, while stating, "Taking presents from Muslims and illegals and giving them to American children." The first couple then brought the attention to the "Tree of Shame," with Baldwin explaining that all his "haters and losers" would be getting special ornaments to be hung on the tree.

The first ornament was brought out by Kellyanne Conway, played by Kate McKinnon, which was followed by mock versions of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Mike Pence, and Ivanka Trump, as well as an appearance by Leslie Jones playing Omarosa.

Humorous versions of Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump also made a cameo, with the skit closing out with an Elf on a Shelf being played by a mock Jeff Sessions.

Next up

While "Saturday Night Live" and other comedy shows poke fun at the president, Donald Trump has more important issues to worry about. Though his controversial tax plan is close to becoming law, Trump is also facing opposition from Democrats, in-fighting in his own Republican Party, international unrest, and the Russian investigation that could raise questions about the future of the current administration.