Prince Harry and Prince William are reportedly trying to stop Camilla Bowles from becoming the Queen of England, a new report claims.

As Queen Elizabeth II reaches well into her 90s, there has been growing speculation about what will happen with the royal line of succession after her death. While Prince Charles is the next in line to the throne, there have been reports that he may defer to his eldest son, Prince William, instead. But if he does choose to take the throne, there may be some resistance to his wife becoming the Queen.

As the Express reported this week, Prince William and Prince Harry would need to back their father's bid to make Camilla Bowles, his second wife after divorcing Princess Diana, the next Queen.

The report noted that Prince Charles does not have any influence over his sons other than controlling their money, and that there is a growing rift between them. Sources close to the couple claimed that Camilla is "enraged" at the idea that she and Prince Charles may not ascend to the throne.

"Camilla has told Charles to man up and fight," a royal source told the outlet.

Will Prince William take over the crown?

There have been growing indications that Prince William may be the next King of England. There have been a series of reports claiming that Charles may simply decide to step aside and let his son take over, and the British people seem to agree. Public opinion polls found that Prince William is far more popular than his father and even more so than Camilla Bowles and that a majority would like to see him as the next King of England.

One thing appears to be certain — Prince Harry will be nowhere near the throne. As Prince William and Kate Middleton continue to have children, it pushes Harry further down the line of succession. Harry has said, publicly, that he would not want to become King and take on all the pressures that come with it. Prince Harry just got engaged to American actress Meghan Markle and reportedly wants to live a quieter life, away from the spotlight that the royal family attracts.

Queen Elizabeth could step aside

Other rumors have pointed to Queen Elizabeth II simply stepping aside and letting her son — or possibly her grandson— to take over instead. The longest-serving monarch in England's history will be turning 92 and has pulled back a bit from her royal duties. There are no official sources on record regarding the reports of Queen Elizabeth II stepping down — or about Prince Harry and Prince William preventing Camilla Bowles from becoming Queen, for that matter. So this might all just be healthy speculation. Let's just wait and see what happens!