United Kingdom-based publication, The Sun recently reported Camilla, the Duchess Of Cornwall, is slated to become the next queen. If this happens, the late Princess Diana's private secretary believes it will lead to upheaval among the public.

According to Michael Gibbins, the British people still feels resentment toward Camilla, the second wife of Prince Charles. He married Camilla after his relationship with the late Princess Diana ended. The Duchess of Cornwall is also the stepmother of Prince William and Prince Harry.

Charles, the eldest son, and heir apparent to Queen Elizabeth II is being eyed as King sometime in the future.

Gibbins told The Sun that he has no doubt of Charles becoming King and stated that he really wants the position. When this happens, the Duchess Of Cornwall can also be named as the British Queen.

How can this be possible when the current monarch has not yet died? Daily Mail earlier reported that Queen Elizabeth II might use the Regency Act by the time she turns 95. The act is a royal legislation that would give her eldest son the power to claim the king’s throne even when she is still alive. The Regency Act works when Elizabeth II suffers from an illness or becomes incapacitated to perform certain duties and functions.

She wants to make certain that she has performed everything for her country before she passes on the crown.

She wants to make sure that there will be a smooth transition of power, when she reaches the age when she will be incapable of fulfilling her duties, according to insiders.

Decision has to be made

Will Prince Charles automatically assume the powers of the King? Business Insider reported that Elizabeth II cannot just request for the Regency Act all by herself.

The report said that there has to be a decision that should be made by at least three of the top officials of the British royalty, including some dukes and the Lord Chancellor. The act only ensures a proper and formal transition of the throne. However, Business Insider emphasized that there is no need for the reigning monarch to relinquish her throne.

When the time comes that Charles takes over, he will be the oldest King to assume the position at 68 years old. The country will see this as a major turning point in history, especially that his name has been associated with various controversies, including that of his second wife, Camilla.

Queen Camilla?

Because of her relationship with the heir apparent, the title of the Queen has been associated with her when her mother-in-law decides to pass on the crown to Prince Charles. However, the former private secretary of the late Princess told The Sun that the British people might not accept her as the new queen. The popularity of the couple has decreased over the years.