Stacia Robitaille is the latest woman to come forward and accuse Donald Trump of being sexually aggressive, with the wife of former NHL star Luc Robitaille sharing her story on Twitter.

Robitaille shared her story late on Monday, the same day that a group of Trump's accusers appeared on the "Today" show to share their stories of Trump sexually harassing them with unwanted touches and kisses. Stacia Robitaille's story did not include physical contact but accused Trump of trying to pick her up during a chance meeting at Madison Square Garden. Robitaille did not say exactly when the encounter took place but noted it was while her husband was a member of the New York Rangers, which would have placed it between 1995 and 1997.

Trump was married to Marla Maples at the time.

Trump was 'aggressive' and tried to pick up Stacia Robitaille

According to the hockey wife, she ran into Donald Trump in an elevator at Madison Square Garden and he tried to get her to come home with him. After she told Trump that she was married to one of the New York Rangers, Trump bragged that he made more money than her husband, Stacia recounted.

Stacia Robitaille's tweet has started to gain traction in the hours since it has first been posted, garnering close to 10,000 likes but also earning her some scorn.

Some have attacked Robitaille for the accusation, claiming she is making up the story in order to get in the spotlight. Robitaille answered that she has no ulterior motives, saying she "just felt bad keeping it to myself."

Robitaille now the 20th woman to accuse Trump of misconduct

There have been 19 other women who stepped forward to accuse Donald Trump of acting in a sexually inappropriate manner with them.

Some of the accusations include forceful touching or kissing, which others claim that Trump made unwanted or aggressive advances toward them. Trump has vehemently denied all allegations, saying the women are lying. This week, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed that she could offer witness accounts that could prove the women were lying, but to date has not offered any evidence.

A growing number of Democratic lawmakers are calling for Congress to investigate the allegations against Trump, and a group of five Senators has also called on him to resign.

Since initially coming forward, Stacia Robitaille has not offered any more details on her account or said if she would like an apology from Donald Trump.