Las Vegas is a renowned destination to bring in the New Year, but following the deadly October 1 shooting massacre – which saw 58 people dead and more than 500 injured – authorities are taking additional measures to ensure the safety of revelers, wishing to party on New Year’s Eve.

As per the Department of Homeland Security, this year the New Year’s Eve celebration has received the designation “SEAR 1,” which means it is a Special Event Assessment Rating 1. This type of designation is normally reserved for the largest events in the U.S., including the Super Bowl.

Last year, prior to the deadly shooting, the New Year celebration was designated SEAR 2.

Vegas will never be safer than this New Year’s Eve

The Las Vegas Review-Journal quotes Steve Sisolak, the chairman of the Clark County Commission, as acknowledging the fact people could be anxious about heading to Las Vegas after the shooting massacre. Sisolak went on to say that no city does a New Year’s Eve show like Vegas and that it will never be safer than it will be this year.

Safety and security in Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve

Additional federal funding has been allocated to protect revelers in Las Vegas, and additional intelligence personnel is to be provided by the federal government to keep people safe.

It was announced last week by the FBI that it is bringing around 100 people into the Las Vegas area from outside, working in “specialty positions.” The city’s existing helicopter units will be enhanced by federal air units, in order to provide surveillance over the celebrations. There will also be additional medical personnel and supplies available throughout the various New Year’s Eve events.

Among the protective measures being taken for the events, there will be 1,500 police officers working over the period, with more than 300 Nevada National Guard troops deployed for the New Year’s Eve celebration.

The Metropolitan Police Department will be deploying armed snipers in overhead positions over the Strip and downtown for the event. The Strip will also see some 4,200 metal barricades set up to protect revelers and large vehicles will be used to block vehicle access from around 6:15 p.m. on Sunday.

Recommendations for revelers on New Year’s Eve

The Las Vegas Sun has published a list of recommendations for the evening’s celebrations. They recommend that revelers do not bring children to the event, as while the celebrations are already often unsavory for children, it could also be unsafe for them. There will also be a restriction on minors under the age of 18, with a curfew of 9 p.m. if they are not accompanied by adults.

People are also not allowed to bring any glass bottles or items in the area. They will only be allowed to carry the plastic bottles and containers sold by local vendors. Metro Police have also placed restrictions on the size of bags carried by visitors to the city and officers will be monitoring any oversized bags carried in the area which may potentially pose a safety threat.

Revelers must be aware of security measures

Those people partying in Las Vegas should be aware of the increased security, including the snipers and additional helicopters.

People must behave responsibly during the celebrations, as officers will be looking for anyone whose actions might threaten the safety and security of others. Police also recommend people stay together with their groups, as, due to the overwhelming demand for cell usage, keeping in touch with friends could become difficult.

After all the gunshots that rang out at the October shooting massacre, people should be aware of the fireworks that will happen at midnight. It is estimated that around 150 fireworks will explode over the Strip each second to bring in the New Year.

Police also recommend that revelers should not drive on their own, but should rather take advantage of ride-sharing services, public transportation, and taxis.

This is due to a number of road closures that will be enforced during the various events. There will also be free rides available via the Regional Transportation Commission from 6 p.m. on Sunday night to 9 a.m. on New Year's Day.

In closure, all those considering Las Vegas for their New Year’s Eve celebrations must enjoy themselves but ensure they follow all the procedures being put in place for their own safety and security during the events.