Sexual Harassment has been one of the heavier topics discussed this year and in height of this, NBC is making efforts to decrease these acts. Back in November, "Today" host Matt Lauer was reported to have engaged in inappropriate relationships with employees at NBC. Following the firing of Matt Lauer, NBC has rejuvenated their anti-sexual harassment policies. Sexual relationships between employees will not be tolerated and now certain social interactions have a company routine.

The new policies added

According to a source, "NBC employees have been ordered to report any inappropriate relationships in the workplace — and if they fail to do so, they could be fired for covering up for colleagues." If that is not enough to increase awareness, NBC has also added instructions in regard to social interactions in and outside the workplace.

A new hugging policy has been implemented and according to a source, employees who wish to engage in a hug, "have to do a quick hug, then an immediate release, and step away to avoid body contact."

Outside of the workplace, NBC is taking a zero-tolerance approach to any sign of inappropriate behavior among employees. According to a source, employees are not allowed to share a taxi home and if the opportunity presents itself, "taking vegans to steakhouses," will not be tolerated. For some, this is a start in the right direction to ending gender inequality. For others, it is causing more harm than good.

Will this help our current climate of gender inequality?

As the discussion of gender inequality rises along with the help of the #MeToo movement, companies are realizing sexual harassment is an important issue.

Companies are now requiring anti-sexual harassment training to ensure employees are knowledgeable about what is not appropriate.

Including stricter rules in the company may seem like it will help provide a safe space for all employees, but to some, these rules put individuals in a tough setting. Forcing employees to betray their peers' trust by threatening their job is not the best tactic to use.

It is especially not useful if the goal is to decrease inappropriate behavior in the work environment. The majority of cases involving sexual harassment usually include one being afraid to risk losing their job if they report these issues. Using these same tactics to scare employees is not productive.

Where might these policies go

These new policies are taking a step to show sexual harassment will not be allowed. However, the other guidelines that dictate peoples actions and how they interact with others outside the workplace may see trouble in the near future. Employees should be able to use good judgment and have the choice to make their own decisions. Inappropriate behavior should be monitored in a sincere matter. If one sees someone abusing their power, it should be reported.