An unnamed teenager from Lorton, Virginia, is being charged with murdering his girlfriend's parents. The 17-year-old shot Keith and Buckley-Kuhn Fricker to death before turning the gun on himself. It is being reported by MSN that he has survived, but his name is not being released because of his age. The Frickers became alarmed at the Anti-Semitic posts the young man had on his Twitter account and reported him to the private school where both he and their daughter attended. They later caught him in their 16-year-old's bedroom at 5:00 AM and this is when the lives of the Lorton, Va., couple abruptly came to an end.

Standing up to hate can be costly

Keith Fricker and his wife had been concerned because of the hate filled posts their daughter's boyfriend had been posting on social media. Buckley-Kuhn Fricker was so alarmed, that on December 17, she sent copies of his Twitter rants to the principle of the private school. The young man had retweeted items he read regarding being in support of Nazi book burnings, calling for a white revolution, negative comments about Jews, and praising Hitler.

The mother added that she reported the young man because she believed his social media postings made him a monster. On Wednesday (Dec. 20), the Frickers decided to intervene by taking their daughter to the home of a friend in Washington D.C.

There they convinced her that it would be in her best interest to sever ties with the young man and she agreed. These choices by the Virginia couple to stand up to hate cost them their lives.

A family's lives are shattered because they fought Anti-Semitism

The police do not have a motive and no statement from the Fricker's daughter has been released.

Family members, however, believe Keith and Buckley-Kuhn lost their lives because they stood up to Anti-Semitism. It is possible they may have heard a noise, which sent them to their daughter's bedroom around 5:00 AM. The father shouted at the teen to leave his home, and at that point, he and his wife were shot. The teenager then turned the gun on himself.

The alleged shooter is said to be in critical condition and his family has declined to comment on this tragic situation.

Even so, one thing certainly is known regarding this horrible turn of events. A teenage girl no longer has her parents and two families lives have been forever changed. All because a Virginia couple decided to take a stand against hate. Keith and Buckley-Kuhn Fricker's loved ones should be proud of them.