trump is being roasted completely on Twitter, Saturday night and early morning Sunday 26 November. The hashtag RoastTrumpIn4Words is trending as hundreds, possibly thousands of people find four words to sum up their feelings about the president of the United States.

For those who are not Americans, the disrespect displayed to the leader of the powerful nation is inexplicable and almost embarrassing in a vicarious kind of way.

Trump is often at the receiving end of funny memes, anger, rudeness, threats, even collective bad thoughts and this started even before he made it to the office of the President.

It began back during the campaign days. Before that, he was a wealthy property developer, better known for his 'Apprentice' TV show. He had more fans back then.

Trump roasting is becoming a pastime in America

In 2017, it does not matter what he does or does not do, hundreds of people try to find a way to slam him, roast him, meme him, humiliate him in any way they can. While simple amusement is often justified, collective hate boggles the minds of those who have lived under regimes like Pol Pot, or Robert Mugabe, or Idi Amin, where any such disrespect meant death or incarceration.

In comparison, Americans have a huge amount of freedom: Freedom to say almost anything they like and get away with it.

That is the freedom of democracy. And democracy can get ugly.

So let's take a look at how democratic America passes the time on the weekend as the holiday season approaches.

Those who feel it is wrong to disrespect Trump

First, the tweeters who feel it is wrong to roast Trump publically. Here is one. "I may not favor him in anyways, but #RoastTrumpIn4Words is something I do not support.This is wrong," said Abhishek Singh, (who got roasted himself for using the wrong icon for a high five).

Not to be outdone was a Hillary meme tweet.

Next up was The Columbia Bugle, saying, Liberals are proving they have no sense of humor with this#RoastTrumpIn4Words.

They couldn't construct a funny joke to save their lives."

A final example of those who hated the #RoastTrumpIn4Words Twitter playground was one that simply said, "Twitter is disgusting."

The roasters outnumbered the Trump supporters

If this was competition, the Trump supporters would have lost. There were not many, and some of them just plugged the "Make America Great Again," line.

Some of the tweets roasting Trump in 4words were quite funny, others were vicious and others were just not funny.

Here's a selection of them.

"Die or get impeached," said one tweet.

Isnicehaha wrote, "Russian Appointed Dotard Trump."

And another tweet, "Mr Shredded Wheat Head!"

And now, some final tweets that were posted up, to keep the readers amused. But really, this thread may never actually end. It could go on for all eternity, so if you have not much to do in life you can always do a Twitter search for #RoastTrumpIn4Words to read the endless list of unhappy comments.

And finally, the one truth that is no exaggeration on the #RoastTrumpIn4Words on Twitter -