Christopher R. Gattis, 58, reportedly gunned down his wife, stepdaughter, and his stepdaughter’s boyfriend on Thanksgiving. Gattis, a full-time youth pastor Grace Lutheran Church, was arrested at his family home by Chesterfield County Police Department officers.

Gattis was arrested on-scene late Thanksgiving evening without incident, according to the police. Gattis is on a no-bond hold at the county jail, charged with three counts of first-degree murder, along with three counts of using a firearm while committing a felony, according to WTVR.

Police arrived at the family’s home in Chester, VA, located roughly 20 minutes from Richmond.

Officers were responding to a call concerning a reported alarm when they found three gunshot wound victims.

Victims lived with alleged killer

The victims are Jeanette L. Gattis, 50, Candice L. Kunze, and Andrew E. Buthorn, 36. The bodies of the mother and daughter were discovered inside the family’s home, while Buthorn's body was found in the front yard. The victims died as a result of their gunshot wounds, according to People. Additionally, the victims and the accused killer shared the home, according to police and the Washington Post.

Neighbors didn’t sleep Thanksgiving night, unaware family ‘having problems’

Darius Williams, a neighbor, told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that he heard “a bang,” which his nephew mistook for a firecracker.

Williams, however, stated that he realized that it was not a firecracker. He stated, as well, that he didn’t see anything and “didn’t think much of it.”

The family’s home is situated within a block that has a cul-de-sac, the Post noted. The block was reportedly “flooded with flashing police lights.” The crime scene was lit up with the police lights and so, too, was Buthorn’s body, which remained in the yard “for hours.”

Denise Patton, whose home is across the street from the Gattis’ gray house, said she and her husband, Larry Patton, didn’t sleep on Thanksgiving night.

Though she didn’t know which victim it was, she said, “I looked at that body all night,” according to the Post.

When the Pattons moved to the Dogwood Ridge Court neighborhood around two years ago, Larry Patton stated that the couple welcomed them and they frequently shared meals. “It’s just sad,” he said, “their Thanksgiving ended that way,” the Post wrote.

He also stated that he wasn’t aware of any disagreements within the Gattis’ household.

Another of the Gattis’ neighbors said he was “stunned” by the shooting deaths, WTVR reported. He described the accused killer as “a friend” who was a “gentle man.” He, too, said that he had no idea that the family was “having problems.” He qualified his statement by noting “behind closed doors is behind closed doors.”

Church members ‘deeply saddened,’ killings ‘domestic-related’ police say

On Thanksgiving Day, the accused murderer was at Grace Lutheran Church, according to a church member and WTVR. He reportedly attended the congregation’s holiday feast. A church deacon confirmed that Gattis was a youth pastor.

On Friday, the church issued a statement, which relayed that congregation members are “deeply saddened” by the loss of lives on November 23.

Gattis is currently in custody at the Chesterfield County Jail. He is scheduled for a court hearing on Monday in the General District Court. As well, on Tuesday, he is set to appear in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court, the Washington Post reported. Police have attributed the homicides as “domestic-related.”