There's no greater feeling in the world than "giving back," even if it's 70 years later. Recently, a Holocaust survivor made that clear by donating 1 million dollars to the American wounded veterans programs. He wanted to thank the troops who saved his life over 70 years ago. 83-year-old Bernard Darty, says he is one of the few remaining survivors of the Holocaust and his gratitude for the American troops who rescued him will never end. Darty, who now resides in Paris is the co-founder of Darty Group, an electrical retailer that owns and operates over 340 stores in three European countries.

Life on the run

Darty was a mere boy, living in France when Germany invaded. He was originally from Poland but his parents moved because of the pogroms. He remembers dodging and hiding from the German SS in hopes of avoiding Germany's dreaded death camps. Unfortunately, Darty's mother was captured and sent to the notorious concentration camp, Auschwitz.

She died within three weeks of her arrival. He, however, was taken in by his aunt. She was protected because her husband was a French police officer. For two years, Darty was in hiding, living in appalling conditions and eating whatever he could. The 83-year-old firmly believes that had the war not ended, he would have surely perished.

Darty recalls the day that changed his life forever.

It was 1944, and American troops stormed the beaches of France in hopes of liberating its people. As history would write it, America and their allies had won the war. This impacted young Darty. He was very grateful to the American troops who for sure saved him and thousands more from certain death.

Now 70 years later, the young scared boy has grown up into a successful entrepreneur.

He co-founded one of Europes leading appliances companies with his brothers. He married another Holocaust survivor and the two went on to have children. Now they're grandparents and Darty expressed his joy in seeing his family at gatherings. He notes that none of this would have been possible if not for the heroic efforts of the brave American troops.

Forever grateful to American troops

The $1 million donations will be distributed to various veteran charities across America. He hopes that his contribution would impact the lives of veterans just like they did his. They saved him so many years ago and now he wants to help save them. Indeed the generation that helped Darty is long gone, he hopes that the money would go to the veterans who are suffering now. Darty wishes all American Veterans happy holidays and hopes that the troops overseas return home to their families safe. He knows that somewhere in the world there is a scared child, just like he was, waiting to be saved by the American troops.

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