New evidence has come to light demonstrating that Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, accused of sexually assaulting many women, allegedly utilized Spies and lawyers to try and stop his accusers from coming forward. The situation seems like something out of a popular USA series like "Burn Notice." According to sources, intelligence operatives attempted to obtain compromising information on individuals such as actress Rose McGowan. RT America and The Washington Post are a few of the many publications to cover this story. The efforts undertaken by the spies seem to have stalled Weinstein’s accusers for some time.

Spies seldom seem real

The show "Burn Notice" depicts a former CIA Operative named Michael Weston (played by Jeffrey Donovan) as having been “burned” or blacklisted by his former employer. All records of his existence have been scrubbed – bank accounts, birth certificates, online profiles…everything. Stranded in Miami, Weston resorts to picking up odd jobs doing what he does best – being a spy.

Social engineering is Weston’s prime specialty. He possesses an uncanny ability to assume alternate personalities in order to extract information or induce action from targeted individuals.

"Burn Notice" is the stuff of fantasy. In the real world, ex-spies do not take on aliases and go around manipulating people for money.

Or do they?

Weinstein scandal spies

According to The Washington Post, journalist Roman Farrow was first to break the story.

It has been brought to light by Russia Today that Harvey Weinstein, the now infamous Hollywood producer accused of assaulting a long list of actresses, allegedly hired former spies to try and silence his victims.

Black Cube is a security firm run by former operatives of Israeli intelligence also known as Mossad. Mossad is the Israeli equivalent of the Central Intelligence Agency in America. It seems Weinstein allegedly hired the spies to dig up intimate and potentially compromising details on his many victims in an attempt to coerce them into silence.

Unsuccessful attempts at silencing Rose McGowan

"Charmed" actress Rose McGowan is one such individual who has accused Weinstein of sexual assault. She has written a memoir set to be published by HarperCollins in January, entitled “Brave,” alleging that Weinstein paid hush money to the women he harassed and assaulted for decades. And it seems that intelligence operatives allegedly targeted her in the past. One Black Cube agent sought to befriend McGowan while assuming the pseudonym of “Diana Filip” and allegedly recorded conversations the two had.

The same spy also assumed a different identity and posed as one of Weinstein’s victims, attempting to uncover who had been speaking with journalists about Weinstein’s crimes.

She met with journalist Ben Wallace as he was working on stories regarding the allegations of abuse against Weinstein.

Weinstein also used lawyers in his attempts to gather information. David Boies, who once represented Al Gore, was one such attorney. It appears the lawyer’s main objective was to stop the story that Wallace was working on from being published.

Apparently, the spies allegedly succeeded in halting Weinstein’s accusers from coming forward sooner. Yet at some point, their job became like attempting to repair a broken dam with twigs and leaves.