On Tuesday night, Democrats had their most successful election cycle since the 2012 re-election of Barack Obama. While most news outlets covered the election, Fox News minimized the results to highlight the alleged success of Donald Trump.

Fox News on election night

When Donald Trump came on the scene back in 2015, his candidacy for president was not taken too seriously. It was only after a few months that many took notice as the polls shifted in Trump's favor, as the he was able beat out his 16 opponents during the Republican primary election. Heading into the general election, however, the former host of "The Apprentice" wasn't given much of a chance as he was primed to face-off against Hillary Clinton.

Despite this, and with his poll numbers remaining low, Trump was able to surprise millions by pulling off an upset win over the Democratic nominee. With Trump's victory also came a Republican stranglehold of power in Washington, with the GOP also retaining their majority-control in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Though many believed a Trump presidency would be able to push through most of their campaign promises with ease due to Republican control in congress, but that hasn't been the case as GOP in-fighting has increased, including many speaking out publicly against the president. The backlash to Trump and Republicans was highlighted on Tuesday night when Democrats won various elections in the country, but appeared to be downplayed by the president and Fox News, as reported by Raw Story on November 8.

On the Wednesday morning edition of "Fox & Friends" on Fox News, the hosts didn't spend too much time addressing the beating Republicans took at the hands of Democrats on Tuesday night, including losing two races for governor in New Jersey and Virginia. Instead, Fox News decided to highlight the one-year anniversary of the 2016 Election Results, which was capped by a Donald Trump victory.

In addition, Donald Trump himself followed up with a post of his own on Twitter where he praised his "deplorable" supporters for helping in in a "landslide" Electoral College victory.

As expected, critics of the GOP and Fox News hit back on social media.

Twitter responds

Not long after Fox News and Donald Trump went back in time to celebrate the 2016 election while downplaying the most recent results, those who oppose the president fired back on Twitter. "Wow. On Fox News website, not one story about yesterday's election. (Plenty about 2016 election though.) Only mention: A tiny clip on left side list. How can reporters work there anymore?" Newsweek writer Kurt Eichenwald tweeted out.

"The best description I've seen is that (FN) treats its viewers like mushrooms--keep them in the dark and feed them sh!t," author Brian Krassenstein wrote.

"If you romanticize the past to ignore the present, you might be Fox News," another tweet added.

"It is absolutely amazing to see Fox News just flat-out ignore news they don't like," an additional tweet stated. "How do (FN) folks go home to family and friends and pretend they are real journalists when they ignore Dem victories in VA and NJ?" yet another Twitter post added. The negative reaction and trolling of the conservative media continued as Democrats moved forward with their election momentum.