China has officially announced that its new currency, the Petro-Yuan, will be available later this year. This will lead to the US dollar losing reserve currency status and ultimately failing as a currency. The resulting chaos will have only one solution – war.

Launch of the Petro-Yuan will end the reign of the US dollar

This has been a long time coming. While it will be portrayed as a recent event, fueled in large part by theatrical trade wars, it has developed over decades through endless American imperialism. The rest of the world has had enough of Western powers pillaging and plundering foreign lands to steal their resources and force them to trade using the US dollar.

Up until recently, there has been no alternative to the US dollar for trading oil, as it has been the world’s reserve currency for over 45 years. But now, with the creation of the Petro-Yuan, that is about to change.

The Eastern superpowers and their allies, namely Iran, China, Russia, Syria, and other surrounding territories, now have a means by which to exclude American economic imperialism from their societies. If history is any guide, we know exactly what happens when a nation attempts to stop using the US dollar.

Libya did this. The country was invaded, their leader assassinated, and a puppet government installed. Today, Libya still uses the US dollar for international trade.

Iraq did this.

The country was invaded, their leader assassinated, and a puppet government installed. Today, Iraq still uses the US dollar for international trade.

War will be needed to mask the dollar's demise

When China, Russia, and others take similar action to dethrone the US dollar, what will happen? Surely such economic and military powerhouses cannot be invaded and overthrown.

No, the result will have to be much more dramatic. The result will be a world war that could, perhaps, become a full-scale nuclear assault.

I have been writing about this over and over because I both want people to take notice and want to have it on the record so that when it all comes down, it can be easily understood what the real causes were.

Make no mistake - the mechanisms underlying this imminent financial failure will be obscured. For evidence of this, just look to the lack of press coverage this Petro-Yuan event has received in the Western mainstream media.

Were it not for, most would never have even known this had happened. American and European media had us distracted with scandal after scandal. Meanwhile, the entire empire has had its support pillars undermined and the final nail placed in its coffin due to a viable alternative to the US dollar backed by a regional superpower now existing. Most people living in first-world nations haven’t the slightest clue that any of this is happening and don't perceive that war is on the horizon as a result.

This will allow those in power to pin the failure on any manufactured event they choose.

Most likely, the excuse will involve a false flag attack involving chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons on American or European soil that will be blamed on a “hostile” nation such as China, Russia, Syria, Iran, or North Korea. It’s hard to imagine any nation other than these five being the alleged culprits. Remember, if you hear of an attack being caused by one of these nations, rest assured it was a false flag intended to bring the world to war for the third and final time in just over a century.