A Shooting incident happened on Saturday night at around 8:25 PM at Virginia State University. Chesterfield police responded to reports of shots fired and discovered a man who had suffered a gunshot wound. The university was placed on Lockdown for almost five hours, but that lockdown has since been lifted as the incident was believed to be isolated.

Shooting at Virginia State University leaves one injured

After receiving reports of a shooting at the Virginia State University in Petersburg, Virginia, officers from the Chesterfield Police Department found one person, who had suffered a gunshot wound to his pelvis.

The Detroit News reports that the man was taken to a local hospital, but his injuries are considered non-life-threatening.

The incident occurred during the university’s busy homecoming weekend, with a hip-hop concert in progress at the Multi-Purpose Center on campus. Reportedly a number of fights broke out at the university following the shooting. CBS 6 quotes one alumnus at the university as saying he was approximately 300 feet away from the gunfire when it happened. He said there were around 12 to 15 shots fired. According to the witness, it sounded like the shots were coming from the street near the university’s gym, which he said is a popular spot for the alumni.

Police place Virginia State University under lockdown

At 9 PM that night, Virginia State University Police headed to Twitter to say the university had been placed on lockdown following the shooting. They advised people to avoid the area, saying updates would follow.

Possible description of suspect released but later canceled

As reported by ABC 8 News, police initially released a possible description of the shooting suspect, but later said that the description was under verification.

Eyewitnesses had reportedly described the shooting suspect as a black male in a white jersey, displaying the number 23 in blue.

According to officers, police believe the shooting at the university was an isolated incident, adding they felt there was no longer a threat to the campus. However, the lockdown continued until 1:30 AM as police continued their investigations into the incident.

During the lockdown no vehicles or people on foot were allowed to enter the campus. After the lockdown was lifted, people were then able to enter the university on foot.

The Virginia State University is located in Petersburg, some 24 miles from Richmond, Virginia.