Hollis Daniels, 19, was taken into custody Monday night after Campus Police found drugs and drug paraphernalia in his room, leading to him fatally shooting a Texas Tech University campus police officer, Floyd East, Jr. More details relating to the incident have now been revealed. According to the latest police report, earlier that day Daniels was pulled over by Lubbock Police, relating to reports the student had made Terrorist Threats.

Student pulled over for making terrorist threats

According to Texas Tech spokesman Chris Cook, Daniels had pulled out a gun, fatally shooting the campus police officer Monday night, after drugs and related drug paraphernalia were discovered in his room on campus.

KCBD reports that since that statement was made it has been revealed that Daniels had a run in with Lubbock Police early on Monday morning, prior to the shooting. Lubbock Police pulled the student over after reports were received that he had stolen a gun and made terrorist threats.

During the traffic stop, Daniels refused to allow the police to search his vehicle. Believing they didn’t have probable cause to search the car, the Lubbock Police officers allowed the student to drive away.

However, according to Newsweek, some hours later Daniels’ roommates had said the student was acting erratically. Soon afterward, the student’s mother had reportedly called the school, concerned that her son may be suicidal and asking for a welfare check on Daniels.

Police find drugs in student’s room leading to shooting

On entering the room during that welfare check, campus police uncovered the drugs and related paraphernalia, but it has now been revealed that Daniels was not in the room at that time.

Reports do not state where the student was at the time or where he was taken into custody by police. However, he later underwent a “standard briefing” at the Texas Tech campus police station, during which he shot and killed East using a stolen firearm he had on his person.

Previous reports had theorized that Daniels had taken the gun from the officer, but it has now been confirmed that weapon was not a police-owned weapon.

Police also said the student was not in handcuffs at the time of the shooting.

According to police, Daniels had later confessed to the investigators that he had shot the campus police officer. He reportedly said he had “f***** up” and had done “something illogical.” Daniels was indicted on Wednesday for possession of a stolen firearm and is also facing the charge of capital murder for killing the campus police officer.