Two kids aged 12 and eight-years-old made up an elaborate stalking story related to their babysitter because her strict nature angered them. As a result of this detailed and concocted tale, an innocent man was grilled and arrested by the police before the truth came to the fore. The Siblings, residents of Brooklyn, even wrote a fake note to the babysitter, framing a random passer-by who claimed he once lived in their home. Incidentally, the children’s father is a special victim’s detective with the law enforcement forces.

Fake stalker story concocted to seek revenge

On Monday, October 23, the cops revealed that the blame of stalking was pinned on an innocent man who was seen standing outside the children's Crown Heights home over the weekend. The man who was accused of this fake charge was given a clean chit after the surveillance footage came in. The man turned himself over to the police at the 69th precinct to dispute the false charges against him. While at first the boy and the girl stated that the so-called suspect left a note for them to find, they later retracted their statement and said that the whole story was fake and made-up because they were “mad” at their babysitter.

Siblings weave fictional stalker story

The whole story started on Friday, October 20, when the eight-year-old claimed she spotted a man watching her, who was hiding between the cars. According to the police, the girl claimed that the incident took place while she walking toward the bus near Eastern Parkway and Brooklyn Avenue.

While this incident was claimed to have taken place on Friday morning, at noon the same day, her brother stated that the same man stopped his school bus. However, the stalker apparently ran away as soon as the matron on board threatened to inform the police.

The eight-year-old also stated that she saw the stalker taking pictures of their home and added that he knew where her bedroom was and who else lives with her.

After these accusations, the kids stated that on Saturday, October 21, the man again approached them. Following this encounter, they found a note in their mailbox. The fake note was written by the 12-year-old boy and read that the fictional stalker was keeping an eye on the kids. The siblings also went as far as to hint an angle of pedophilia in the fake letter as they wrote: “Your daughter is cute.” The children also admitted to putting the fake letter inside their mailbox. According to a New York Post report, the children's parents were away on holiday and a babysitter was charged with taking care of them. However, the two were annoyed with the babysitter for being strict and, therefore fabricated the tale.