As a four-time Women's champion and a member of the popular WWE stable The 4 Horsewomen, Sasha Banks has become one of the fan favorites in the WWE Universe. TheBoss as Banks refers to herself is currently one of the top female SuperStars on Monday Night Raw and is currently in the Women's title picture.

Sasha's Rise to Fame

Prior to joining WWE, Banks spent time on the independent wrestling circuit, where she wrestled under the name Mercedes KV. For two short years, she wrestled for various independent companies before the WWE took notice. In the summer of 2012, she would sign on with the company and report to its developmental camp, NXT.

While in NXT, Banks made a name for herself by winning the Women's Championship and having memorable feuds with superstars such as Bayley and Charlotte Flair.

Following a successful 3-year run in NXT, where she won the Women's Championship, Banks would soon join the main roster. In July 2015, Banks along with fellow Horsewomen Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch made their main roster debut on Monday Night Raw, where they would kick off the Women's Revolution.

During her two years on the main roster, Banks has won the Raw Women's Championship four times. She and her friend Charlotte Flair have had one of the best feuds in recent years, and the two made history by being the first women to ever compete in a Hell in a Cell match.

With her #Boss gimmick, athletic ability, and history making matches; Sasha has become a favorite with the crowd.

When fans go too far

Despite Sasha's success, she admits there's a downside to fame.

During an interview on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Banks opened up about how she's dealing with wrestling fans outside the ring.

Banks admitted that sometimes fans could get a little too creepy. She goes on to tell stories about how fans will sit outside airports or hotels just waiting to get her autograph. As Banks put it, that type of behavior is "stalking."

Sasha Banks isn't the only SuperStar to deal with creepy fans. Dean Ambrose admitted in an interview earlier this year that he too has also been stalked at his hotel and has even had fans stake out his house.

Seth Rollins is also another Wwe Superstar whose spoken out against the fans' stalker tendencies. In a Twitter post, he admonished fans for gathering a wrestler's flight information in order to ambush them at the airport.

With fans going to extremes to meet the wrestlers, it's no surprise that many SuperStars like Sasha Banks tend to keep their lives private.