Donald Trump might be spending the next week on his first international trip as president, but that hasn't stopped the media in the United States from revealing new information about the growing scandal around Russia. Commenting on the issue at hand was Bill Maher who didn't hold back his thoughts as the pressure continued to mount on the White House.

Maher on Trump

While there have been various issues that have haunted Donald Trump's two-year political career, nothing has hovered over him like the controversy of Russia. From the early days of the 2016 presidential election, Trump has dodged a non-stop attack of allegations that claim he has been in cahoots with the Kremlin.

Refusing to release his tax returns, praising Vladimir Putin, and dealing with his advisers and associates being caught communicating with Russian officials has all led to the scandal gaining steam, especially in the months following his inauguration. Over the last week, Trump's Russian trouble has kicked into high gear after the Washington Post revealed that the president shared "highly classified" information with Russian officials during a meeting in the oval office last week. Additional reports claim that Trump also attempted to have James Comey look the other way at the investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn prior to firing the now former FBI director earlier this month.

These issues and more were highlighted during the May 19 edition of "Real Time with Bill Maher" on HBO.

Starting off his show with his routine monologue was host Bill Maher and the comedian made sure not to hold back his humorous criticism of Donald Trump.

"Every week it gets worse," Bill Maher said, before suggesting he start his show with a recap of the previous week's events. "Previously on 'As the World Burns,' President Batsh*t has just fired his FBI director for investigating his Russian ties, then he met the Russians in the Oval Office to get his next assignment," Maher continued.

"No wonder these guys are laughing, he gave it to them in person in the Oval Office!" he went on to say about Donald Trump.

"Of course, Trump should not have even had them in the Oval Office. These are the people who hacked and meddled in our election. That is not part of the controversy, that's a fact," Bill Maher stated. "He's so dumb he keeps out-rightly confessing to his crimes," Maher noted, while adding, "On the Comey firing, Trump sends out his people to say some bullsh*t, and then the next day goes on Lester Holt and says 'No, it's because of Russia.

All my idea.'" "He's like a kid who goes to pick up his prom date and the parent's say 'what are your intentions?' and he says 'I'm gonna try to get her to give me a hand-job,'" he noted. Maher wrapped up his monologue by ripping into Vice President Mike Pence, before tying Trump's questionable sexual history with the news that Roger Ailes passed away, and Anthony Weiner pleading guilty to the charges of sexting with a minor.

Moving forward

As Bill Maher and other high-profiled critics continue to hit back at Donald Trump and hold his feet to the fire, it doesn't appear as if the president is willing to change his tune anytime soon. With Trump embarking on his foreign trip, only time will tell what chaos he will come back to when he returns to Washington.