For the better part of the last nine months, First Daughter Ivanka Trump has been by Donald Trump's side, serving her father as a special assistant. During that time, Ivanka has been on the receiving end of criticism for representing the president's views, which was seen during her latest remarks on social media.

Ivanka on Twitter

The era of Donald Trump in American politics started in June 2015 on the floor of Trump Tower in New York City. With his family standing behind him, Trump threw his name into the Republican primary and officially announced his plan to run for president.

Since then, Trump has dominated the headlines with his controversial rhetoric and questionable policy proposals. In the months since his election win over Hillary Clinton and follow-up inauguration, the former host of "The Apprentice" has been unable to unify his own Republican Party, while getting into spats with Democrats, professional athletes, Hollywood stars, the mainstream media, and other world leaders. In the backdrop of all the noise coming out of the White House, Ivanka Trump has done her best to keep a low profile. As seen on her Twitter account on October 14, Ivanka gave her thoughts about attending a recent event on Empowering Women.

Taking to her Twitter feed on Saturday night, Ivanka Trump pushed her appearance in Washington, D.C.

during a conference for the newly created World Bank's Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi), which seeks to invest in businesses owned by women. At the event, $350 million was raised, with the hopes that it could soon be bumped up to $1 billion. "Thank you @JimYongKim & @WorldBank for your tremendous leadership," Ivanka tweeted, name-dropping Jim Yong Kim, the current president of the World Bank Group.

"It was an honor to be a part of launching #WeFi to help #EmpowerWomen," she added in conclusion.

Twitter reacts

Not long after sending out her tweet, Ivanka Trump was hit with heavy backlash from those who oppose her father. "For your sakes, don't TRUST Ivanka with your moolah Mr. JimYongKim. She's a plastic chinned #Grifter a #ConMan (her gender is questionable)," one tweet added.

"How? She’s never been empowered her entire life. Everything she’s ever had was given to her- she’s worked for nothing," another tweet read. "Perhaps you'll have a special commission for beauty pageant contestants that have your dad walk in while they're changing?" an additional tweet noted.

"I get enraged and nauseous any time I see her name attached to anything that says empower women," yet another post read. As the negative reaction continued to pour in regarding Ivanka Trump, it was made clear that critics of Donald Trump were not going to start holding back anytime soon.