Senator Bob Corker, (R-Tenn.) recently asked Donald Trump if he was "recanting" his oath to uphold the First Amendment, is admonishing Trump for publicly "castrating" his own Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Among other things, the President has stated publicly that Tillerson's attempts to negotiate with despotic North Korean dictator are "a waste of time," according to the Huffington Post on Friday. Corker is basing his criticism of Trump on the fact that the Secretary of State is the nation's top diplomat. As such, the Secretary is involved in very fragile, sensitive negotiations.

Even the slightest disruption or critique of the process could have deleterious effects on the outcome. It can make the difference between war and peace.

It involves lives

Corker's admonishment of Trump is predicated on the fact that the negotiations that are being conducted by America's chief diplomat involve lives, potentially up to millions of lives. If things go right in the diplomatic process, millions of lives, including American lives, could be saved. However, if things go wrong in the negotiating process, it could cost millions of lives, including those of Americans.

Without a doubt, the Secretary of State has the most fragile, sensitive and potentially precarious position in the President's Cabinet.

The man or woman who is selected for this position must be even-tempered, intelligent and very diplomatic. Above all, the Secretary of State must be respected by the President for whom he or she works. Corker summed it up this way: "When you jack the legs out from under your chief diplomat, you cause all that to fall apart,” according to The Huffington Post on Friday.

Corker already has stated publicly that Trump is "sparking World War III" with his rhetoric directed at North Korea.

No public castration

Corker continued with his diatribe of criticism of Trump. The conservative Republican explained that a President cannot publicly "castrate" his or her "chief diplomat." In discussing the possibility of reaching a diplomatic agreement with North Korea and averting the possibility of a devastating war with that country, Corker stated, “When you publicly castrate your secretary of state, you take that off the table," according to The Huffington Post on Friday.

To put it another way, by publicly "castrating" his own Secretary of State, Trump is leaving no option other than war in addressing the North Korean issue. This is why Corker is so adamant in insisting that there be no "public castration" of Tillerson by anybody, especially Trump.