Former united states president Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on October 3, Hello! reported. He gave her a very touching message which trended on social media.

Obama surprised his wife Michelle with a pre-recorded video messages during her appearance of the Pennsylvania Conference for Women in Philadelphia earlier this week. It was an event that featured various personalities who shared their own inspiring stories, such as screenwriter Shonda Rhimes.

The former president said he had to crash the event because of their wedding anniversary as he shared testaments about his wife’s personalities.

He said that she is a “saintly, wonderful and patient” person.

He also called his wife “an extraordinary partner, a great friend and somebody who could always make” him laugh. He added that Michelle has always been a role model to their “daughters and to the entire country.”

The same video message was shared on social media such as Facebook. The caption revealed that Barack Obama wanted to ask her “to go out” and further saying, “I love you, Michelle.”

Relationship through the years

Barack and Michelle Obama tied the knot on October 3, 1992, at Chicago’s Trinity United Church, NY Daily News reported. The former president courted the former first lady in 1989 while she was an associate at a law firm in Chicago.

She was assigned by her superiors to look after a new intern, which was the younger Barack then.

Since their marriage, she has been a prominent figure in politics commonly seen with her husband during campaign rallies prior to the presidential election in 2008. There were moments captured that showed them kissing each other in an Illinois rally back in 2007, the report added.

Pennsylvania Conference for Women

The heartfelt video message for their wedding anniversary was made when Michelle Obama attended the 14 annual Pennsylvania Conference for Women with some of the best-selling authors in the country, Look To The Stars reported.

She discussed the struggles encountered by women in terms of their confidence, taking risks and failing.

Aside from these, she also discussed the challenges encountered by this group when it comes to parenting. The former first lady also revealed how she is adjusting back to her private life after serving the government for several years.

The event featured around 100 influential people in various fields. These include business, health, professional development, finance, and philanthropy.