Former President Barack Obama was born to be a politician. He was working in Politics long before he became the 44th President of the United States. Now that he has been out of the White House for about seven months, he is officially returning to politics. He is scheduled to speak at a fundraiser sponsored by the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, July 13.

About the NDRC

The NDRC is a new group with a goal to change the mapping of districts. Obama will speak about a cause dear to his heart. His goal is to convince a few dozen people to invest into races at the state level to make sure areas are redistricted so Democrats will have a better chance of winning more electoral races.

Democrats do not want a repeat of the 2016 Presidential Election that helped get the current president in office. President Donald Trump received more electoral votes but fewer popular votes than his opponent. Obama decided then that he would work with other to make sure the districts are set up to make the voting process more favorable.

First political event

According to WTKR News, Thursday will be Obama's first political event since leaving office on January 20. As of now, it is the only political event on his schedule. The long awaited event will be held at a private home for a few people. Former Attorney General Eric Holder is leading the newly formed organization. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is supporting the effort and will also attend.

Even before Obama left office, he had spoken about the desire for the redirecting to take place. It was then that Holder agreed to spearhead the cause. The success of this major project will see a change in House seats and state legislatures.

Kevin Lewis, a spokesman for Obama, said the redistricting is a priority for the former president who believes it will restore fairness to the election process when district maps are changed.

Kelly Ward, executive director of the NDRC, has not predicted how much the fundraiser is expected to bring in with Obama as the speaker. However, Ward believes if anyone can convince donors to get on board, Obama will be the person who can do it. People might remember that the former president said in his final speech before his term ended that he would go back into the political arena only at those times when he thought it was needed. Apparently, Obama thinks this is one of those times when he can make a difference.