Democrats are crying foul after House Republicans launched an investigation against ex-President Barack Obama. Another probe includes Hillary Clinton whose email account was reportedly hacked by the Russians. On Tuesday a report by the Associated Press confirmed the new investigations.

The Democratic Party said the GOP's action is a "massive diversion" from Robert Mueller's investigation into Trump's campaign team. Also, two of Donald Trump's closest aides are now answering to the House intelligence panel. The latest addition to the Russian probe is Michael Cohen and Brad Parscale, the campaign's data manager.

Putin wants more respect for Trump

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Americans of being disrespectful to Donald Trump. According to Putin, he deserves the utmost respect as the leader of America. Russia’s leader was at the Valdai International Discussion Club when he made the assertion.

According to the state-run Tass Russian News Agency, Putin said the disrespect shown to the 45th President is regrettable.

Once elected, beyond criticism?

The Russian leader told the meeting that one could argue about his policies, but do not disrespect the leader elected to the White House. According to Putin, the President does not require additional advice after being chosen as the United States leader.

Putin also added that Donald Trump honestly won the 2016 presidential election. However, a month ago, the Russian President insulted Trump when asked if he would feel remorseful if Congress impeached the US leader. President Putin declared that he was not Trump's groom nor Donald Trump, his bride. He later added that it is not essential to debate on the United States politics.

Meanwhile, Robert Mueller, the special council investigator on the Russian 2016 election interference continues to make progress.

The FBI's Russian probe

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) launched the probe into the possible collaboration between Russian officials and Donald Trump's campaign team. It was alleged that Vladimir Putin swayed the election to help Donald J.

Trump in the November 2016, election.

Many are arguing that with Russia's help Trump became the 45th President of the USA after a victory over Hillary Clinton. Apparently, Vladimir Putin supports Donald Trump, but the bond between both leaders has left many unanswered questions.