Global warming is one of the hottest topics discussed in the 21st-century and it was ascertained that extreme weather affecting the world needs immediate action to avert its devastating and lasting effects. A study released on Tuesday shows that the current climate change has cost taxpayers billions of dollars for disaster management and the tab will only rise as extreme weather continues to impact the planet.

The US Government climate change initiative is racking up billions of dollars in expenses. So far, the federal government used roughly $350 billion over the past decade to fight extreme weather conditions and fire outbreaks.

These disasters resulted from climate change, according to the Government’s Accountability Office.

Climate change will only get worse

Congress is working to approve billions in additional funding for hurricane relief. These costs, according to an analyst, will go up even more as climate change continues to impact the world. Now the US government said it is necessary to have a precise price tag for the climate change initiative.

However, a recent report indicated that the impact and costs of extreme events like drought, floods, and other natural disasters are unattainable. Senators Susan Collins and Maria Cantwell requested the report from the Government Accountability Office. Both senators are responsible for the executive arm of the US government.

Wildfires burning holes through the budget

According to an article in the Insurance Journal, the destructive hurricane season had ripped through the Federal Emergency Management Agency coffers. Additionally, California's wildfires had cost taxpayers a considerable amount. However, the House had passed a bill for additional funding of $36.5 billion.

The bill is awaiting approval from Congress and will add to the $15 billion approved last month. Reportedly, $205 billion went directly to disaster relief, in addition to $90 billion set aside for crop and flood insurance. Another $34 billion was set aside for wildfire management and $28billion for repairs to government facilities.

Disaster management by the Trump administration

Meanwhile, the government needs to take more precautionary measures to deal with the increase of natural disasters. A previous report by the Government Accountability Office states that there is no inclusive or deliberate approach for disaster management.

The Trump administration has taken steps to address the United States climate problems. In March, Congress denied an executive order signed by Donald Trump to help with planning efforts. Additionally, the Government Accountability Office admits that its assumptions are incomplete because it is unable to link the increased natural disasters to known economic models.