Instead of waiting for his sister to take him to school on Thursday, a 10-year-old Ohio Boy stole his mother’s car, took it on a 45-mile joyride, and led state troopers and police on a high-speed chase, topping 100 miles-per-hour. According to FOX news, Thursday’s joyride was second in two weeks for the child.

His sister was taking a shower, getting ready to take her brother to school, but he didn’t wait. He was reportedly bored, FOX noted. He took his mother’s 2004 Toyota Avalon at approximately 8:30 AM. Two separate drivers called 911 when the saw the boy swerving on Interstate 90, headed west.

Witnesses say boy almost ran ‘other cars off the road’

The witnesses told police that it appeared the child’s mother was chasing her son in another vehicle. The callers stated that the boy almost “ran a couple of other cars off the road,” reported.

Westlake police saw the boy on the interstate, as well, according to news media. Police pursued the child driver through Erie and Loraine counties. The chase topped at roughly 96 miles-per-hour, according to police and

Car chase reached 100 miles an hour

Lieutenant Richard Reeder, Highway Patrol, said the police eased back once the child entered the Ohio Turnpike. At that point, Ohio state troopers resumed the chase that rose to 100 miles an hour.

After one trooper caught up and pulled up next to the Avalon, the officer “motioned for him to stop,” noted. Reeder stated that in response to the trooper, the boy sped up after shaking his head.

Child driver avoided spike strips on highway

In an attempt to stop the Avalon, troopers set spike strips on the highway.

The boy averted the strips by driving into a ditch, Reeder said. For approximately a half-mile, the child continued driving, still in the ditch. The chase came to a stop when two troopers “bumped” the Avalon, according to

Boy became combative after being removed from car

After the troopers bumped the car, the child ran into a road sign, according to Reeder.

The child was removed from the vehicle. After placing the boy under arrest, he became combative. He allegedly kicked a trooper in the shin and spat on a trooper.

Though the child was not injured as a result of the high-speed chase or the stop, the boy was transported, along with a guardian, to Fisher Titus Medical Center for evaluation, Reeder stated.

After the boy is released from the hospital, Reeder said, he will be transferred to the Erie County Juvenile Detention Center. Erie and Cuyahoga County prosecutors will, then, determine if charges will be filed.

Boy took mother’s car for joyride earlier this month

The Avalon and one patrol unit sustained minor damage, but no one was hurt as an effect of the high-speed chase, according to Reeder.

On October 16, the boy had also taken his mother’s Dodge Charger on a joyride. He also drove the same westerly direction on Interstate 90 during the earlier incident. The car came to a stop since it had three flat tires, police stated.

Sergeant Tim Hoffman, Ohio Highway Patrol, said, “It was very lucky no one was hurt,” FOX reported.