Social media netizens criticized Melania Trump’s expensive pink Delpozo coat dress that she wore at a United Nations event, Business Insider reported. Delpozo is a high-end Spanish fashion brand that makes couture dresses.

The First Lady on Wednesday addressed the delegates in the luncheon event hosted by the United Nations General Assembly. The pink Delpozo dress had a knee-length skirt and oversized sleeves that were noticeable even while Melania was behind the podium.

The dress sells for almost $3,000. Aside from the outfit, the first lady also chose to wear a pair of stylish stilettos with a matching bright color.

This was not the first time that she went fashionable in official government functions and events. During the aftermath of the Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, she visited the storm victims in Texas and Florida wearing expensive high heels.

Reactions from Twitter

The United Nations luncheon event was also attended by the spouses of various world leaders, Politico reported. One of those who witnessed her strut her expensive outfit was Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The event was also graced by the wives of the President of France and the President of Turkey.

Twitter user @relevanne heavily criticized her outfit by writing a hashtag that read, “hypocrisy.” She added, “Melania Trump, wearing a pink Delpozo designer dress worth thousands, says, ‘No child should ever feel hungry...’”

Another Twitter netizen wrote, “Melania Trump and her pink parachute need to take a hike.

What a fraud. Anything about bullying from her mouth is laughable.”

Furthermore, netizen The Incredible Sulk stated that the dress “was puffy because it was stuffed with irony.” The dress and her speech trended on social media on that day.

Melania Trump’s speech

First lady Melania Trump took the moment to address the international body by speaking about online bullying, the report added.

She said that she will focus on dealing with this issue and teaching values to the next generation.

“By our own example, we must teach children to be good stewards of the world they inherit,” she said.

The first lady also added that the values of “kindness, mindfulness, integrity, and leadership” should be learned.

The first lady also gave out a message to the adults who raise these children, saying that they are “not merely responsible” but also accountable for teaching these values. She added, “I hope you will join me... to teaching the next generation to lead and honor the golden rule.”