President Donald Trump broke his silence on Twitter in reference to the recently held Primetime Emmy Awards. The show made various comments against him, even prompting his White House adviser to tag it as “politicizing.”

The president wrote on Twitter, “I was saddened to see how bad the ratings were on the Emmys last night – the worst ever.” He also called the people who were part of the show “deplorables.”

The 69th Primetime Emmys happened on September 17 at the Microsoft Theater in California. Some of the television shows that bagged the major awards were “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Big Little Lies,” and “Saturday Night Live.”

Nicole Kidman won Best Actress for her performance in “Big Little Lies,” accompanied by Laura Dern who clinched the Best Supporting Actress award for the same show.

Trump’s on-screen impersonator Alec Baldwin was named Best Supporting Actor for “Saturday Night Live.”

Also, Hillary Clinton’s impersonator Kate McKinnon also won Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the show last year.

Political remarks

President Donald Trump did not particularly mention the statements that were hurled toward him during the show, which encompassed much of the airtime during the event. Host Stephen Colbert uttered tirades against the president saying that all that matters to Trump “is ratings.”

He also quipped that Trump has become the biggest star on television this year. Colbert also compared the number of the audience for this year’s Emmys and the audience number during the inauguration of the president.

The host then responded to this comment by the incumbent president, once again addressing the presidents use of Twitter, The Daily Beast reported. On Wednesday night’s edition of Colbert’s “The Late Show,” the host addressed the presidents responses to the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Mexico and his comments on the awards show.

“That was a strong and presidential response that lasted for about 18 minutes because then, he tweeted about something that truly seemed to upset him,” the late night show host said.

Good ratings

According to Time, President Donald Trump’s tweet was “a little off” from the actual figures that the 2017 Emmy Awards have actually produced.

It cited the Nielsen company recording an estimated 11.4 million viewers of the awards show, more than the 11.3 million last year.

The president’s counselor and campaign manager Kellyanne Conway also shared her insights about the Primetime Emmys. She said that the ratings of the show were low because of politicizing the event.

She compared the show to other TV events that also made political remarks such as the Miss America pageant. She added that the ratings have suffered since fewer Americans are tuning in.