The White House is now considering a strong military response after North Korea fired another ballistic missile over Japanese territory on Friday. The fresh round of UN sanctions on the communist regime apparently failed to intimidate Kim Jong-un. The latest missile launch appeared to be a direct challenge to the international community, whose sanctions may have no effect on the North.

Meeting force with force, White House

During a press briefing on Friday, the top national security advisers of the White House said that the United States has military options which can be effectively used against Kim Jong-un’s communist regime, putting an end to the North Korea crisis.

However, there are experts as well as former allies of President Donald Trump who believed that such military option would only escalate the crisis, CNN reported.

Regardless of the criticisms against the said options, President Trump still asserted that only a strong military response can effectively respond to the threats from North Korea. Moreover, President Trump spoke with the US airmen at Joint Base Andrews, the Air Force installation outside Washington. He told the men in uniform that he is definitely confident in their capabilities and unwavering dedication to defending their country. He also told them that the military options are the only ones that can be both effective and overwhelming against the North.

Military options are the best options against the North, H.R. McMaster

Earlier on at a White House briefing on the UN General Assembly, Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the United Nations and Herbert Raymond McMaster, White House national security adviser, emphasized that President Donald Trump did actually have military options to effectively stop Kim Jong-un’s communist regime.

Nevertheless, both of Haley and McMaster believed that these options may not be the best choices for the Korean region.

During an interview in London, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the United States government would continue to call all nations to totally impose the new UN sanctions on North Korea. "And where countries have a sense that they can do more to put pressure on this regime to bring them to a point of dialogue in a very productive way, we ask that everyone do that," Tillerson explained.

On Friday, the North launched another missile over Japanese territory, causing panic among its people. This latest missile launch indicated that North Korea would really defy the international community and ignore its sanctions. Will President Trump finally respond to Kim Jong-un with “fire and fury?