Kim Jong-un has still shown unrelenting defiance and ignored the UN sanctions that prohibit his communist regime from further developing nuclear weapons and conducting missile tests. With North Korea’s stubbornness, US Ambassador Nikki Haley believes that Kim’s regime is “begging for war.”

Why US Ambassador Nikki Haley has gone furious over nuclear crisis

During the emergency meeting of the United Nation Security Council, Nikki Haley said that “enough is enough” from the communist regime. She urged the council to respond to North Korea with the strongest possible measures.

The sixth H-bomb test on Sunday was the strongest nuke test the communist regime has conducted so far. The ambassador added that the US would want to resort to peaceful solutions in addressing the nuclear crisis, but America’s patience is reaching its limit.

Kim Jong-un’s communist regime was reportedly preparing for another nuke launch using ICBM

According to Haley, the nuclear program of the North is becoming more highly developed and more threatening regardless of the incessant warnings of the United Nations against it.

On Monday, the Defense Minister of South Korea made a public pronouncement that Kim Jong-un’s regime seems to plan for more ballistic missile launches. The North would want to display to its enemies its ‘claimed’ capacity to potentially strike them with advanced nuclear weapons.

Along with that announcement was the South’s live-fire drill to simulate an attack on a nuclear site. The fierce simulation was necessary since South Korea is now confronted with potentially the most dangerous ‘direct threat’ from the communist regime.

Moreover, military officials of the South would set up four more launchers of the United States THAAD missile defense system.

But this created more difficulty in uniting other countries. Russia and China among others showed strong opposition to the deployment of THAAD missile defense system in South Korea. They fear that the US THAAD is powerful enough to probe deep into their territories, which may create a security threat.

The THAAD deployment in South Korea is controversial.

President Moon Jae-in is also against the installations of missile defense systems in the country. The THAAD would only invite antagonism from the allies of North Korea.

Experts believed that North Korea’s latest provocation may force Russia and China to unite with the rest of the nations in imposing more crippling sanctions against Jong-un’s regime. But until the two superpowers join in the fray against the North, the communist country remains a big threat to the world.