Just like many people, the president's daughter and White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump spent Labor Day having fun. But she also spent time liking her own photos on social media.

Notifications that netizens saw from her official Instagram account revealed that she has been liking her own photos from fan pages throughout Labor Day on September 4. On Instagram, users have to double tap the image as an easier way to give it some likes, which Ivanka Trump apparently did.

According to a report in Jezebel, Ivanka Trump follows more than 30 fan accounts under her name.

These accounts had usernames such as @ivanka.curves, @ivankaisqueen, and @ivanka.lioness.

It seems that her official account has liked re-posts of photos on her fan-made accounts several times. Even Twitter went abuzz with her recent social media activity.

Twitter netizens’ reactions

Political correspondent Madeline Conway tweeted, “Ivanka spent her morning liking fan page photos of herself on Instagram.” Conway included a screengrab of the recent activity on Instagram to show proof.

Other netizens went further by criticizing her personality. A Twitter user said, “The narcissism runs deep in that disgusting family.” There was another social media user who said that the businesswoman and now White House adviser, along with her father President Donald Trump, reflected “unparalleled amounts of egocentrism” with this online activity.

Aside from these negative reactions, there were some online media users who came to Ivanka Trump’s defense. The website Opposing Views reported that certain netizens who compared the continuous liking of her own images to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg defending issues such as immigration, DACA, and DREAM. Screenshots shown in the report revealed that the Facebook CEO also likes his own arguments when engaged in online debates.

Subject of criticism

The president's daughter has been subjected to social media criticism and backlash numerous times in just the previous month. First, she received backlash from her comments made for the white supremacist rally in Virginia, Fortune reported.

Critics slammed her Twitter comment for being too far from her father’s stand, who at first did not condemn the violent protests.

Then, on the total solar eclipse that happened last August 21, she posted a short graphic on what happens during the phenomenon. Netizens once again criticized the tweet for some inaccuracies, even comparing the eclipse to President Trump, the Huffington Post reported.