Presidential daughter Ivanka Trump shared photos of her on social media, reading the Fan mail she has been receiving. However, some netizens criticized her and asked whether the fan mail was written by her father, President Donald Trump.

The 35-year-old Ivanka Trump, who is also the White House senior adviser, recently took to social media to share about the fan mail, and how she is always delighted to see them. In the first photo, she was shown sitting at the huge conference table while reading the mail, at the same time smiling in front of the camera.

The second photo was a zoomed in shot of some fan-made artworks that were sent to her. These included “Thank You” letters, yellow smiley drawings, doodles, hearts, and handwriting.

She captioned the photos, saying that she was overjoyed receiving the letters. She posted, “Reading them is among the highlights of my week.”

Twitter backlash

Some netizens were not happy about the post, as they criticized the First Daughter. Several people responded to the post with negative comments, The Independent reported.

One netizen asked, “Whichever staff made these fake letters to Ivanka Trump, I love that little touch. Was it a commentary on being blinded by greed?”

There were some netizens who asked why she would even be thanked.

Another Twitter user wrote, “Why would anyone, especially children, send Ivanka Trump thank you letters?”

Some of the comments quipped if the letters came from her father, President Trump. They posted comments such as, “Wow, your dad’s drawings are great,” and “Your dad’s handwriting has improved a lot.”

Other instances

There was another instance when the presidential daughter received several criticisms on social media, an earlier report in Blasting News said.

They were hurled against one of her statements that condemned the controversial white supremacist rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“There should be no place in the society for neo-Nazis, white supremacy and racism. We should all be one nation united, and come together as Americans,” she posted on Twitter. But netizens were surprised at her statements, saying that the president did not even condemn the rallies in the beginning.

There was also an instance when she was criticized for posting a crash course on the total solar eclipse that happened last August 21. Shortly after she tweeted a photo explaining the phenomenon, netizens criticized her and compared her father to an eclipse.